Do You Need a Keyboard Tray?


If you work in the office, you probably know all kinds of pains and stiffness that comes with the job. Fortunately, the furniture industry has been hard at work to create a lot of ergonomically shaped furniture and accessories to help us with that.

More and more people working at a computer are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome or some similar illness. These problems occur as a result of chafing or pressure to the nerves in the wrist area. Furniture companies like have a possible remedy for the problem – adjustable desk accessories like keyboard trays. Here’s why you need and want one.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Similar Problems

The wrist and hand are very delicate and can be easily damaged beyond repair. One of the most common problems office workers face is carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a so-called repetitive motion injury, meaning it occurs after a longer period of repetitive activities, like typing.

The problem occurs because the wrist and hand do not have the appropriate support. The nerve bundles in the wrist get pressed time and time again, slowly damaging the nerve, causing discomfort and pain.

Ergonomically Designed

This device is just what its name says – a tray where you can put your keyboard and, with some models, your mouse. However, the solution to aching wrists doesn’t come from that, it comes from the adjustability of the heights and angle of the whole tray.

Depending on the length of your arms and your height, you may need the keyboard to be more flat to the ground or a bit more vertical. With this tray, you can pick the perfect position specially tailored for you.

Pain Relief

The experts claim that your elbows should be at 90 degrees with your hands while typing. If you don’t assume that position, you probably feel some degree of fatigue after longer periods of typing. This comes largely from the improper hand position. A keyboard tray will rectify this issue.

The best part, however, is that it has a padded section where you place your wrists. Seeing how that is the place where the point-pressure injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome occur, you will be happy that it is here. Not only will it reduce the amount of pain you already feel, it also prevents any new painful injuries from occurring.

Standing Desk Integration

If you have a standing desk or an adjustable-position desk, you should know that the position of your hands is different when you are standing than when you are sitting. What that means is that if you found a perfect position for your hands while standing, it doesn’t mean that it will still work for you when you sit down.

However, the keyboard trays are easily adjustable, so you can simply set it each time you change your desk’s position. Even though it may seem a bit tedious and complicated, your wrists will thank you.

Space Saver

In a modern office, there are many accessories and the space is typically very limited. So many people may be wondering if they really need another big tray just for the keyboard. If that is the case with you, there are these trays which can easily be folded under the desk, like a drawer. Not only will it save you some valuable desk space, it will also give your desk a slick, minimalist feel that is in demand nowadays. Not to repeat the health benefits that come from having one.

If you feel the consequences of your office job, make sure that you find a place which sells these useful accessories and get one today.

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