Do You Need Event Toilets?


Mobile toilets are one of the staples of outdoor events. If you are holding any type of outdoor gathering then, you will need several units of toilets. However, before you make a decision, you need to know approximately how many people will be attending your event.

What You Need to Find Out

When hiring mobile toilets then, you need to consider the range of options featured by the company. You also have to consider the nature of the event. In addition, find out if separate hygiene aids or hand washing units are featured. You will need to know the requirements for lighting and electricity too. Ask about servicing for the toilets.

Timely Delivery and Pick-up

Needless to say, most outdoor celebrations involve a good deal of setup time. Because portable toilets are large items requiring setup, you need to make sure that the company providing them offers timely delivery and pick-up. The company should also be able to handle and resolve certain issues, such as setting up a portable toilet on uneven terrain.

What Is the Customer Response Time?

In case problems develop during your event, you also need to find out the customer response time of the toilet hire company. For instance, if your event occurs on a weekend or in a remote area, you need to know whom you can contact if an unanticipated issue occurs. Find out this information before you make a toilet hire commitment.

Factors to Consider

Therefore, people who opt for a portable loo hire in Leeds must discuss certain factors with a toilet company provider before making a selection. These factors include the weather, the type of event, the length of the festivity, the number of projected guests, and the nearest bathrooms or toilets to the site.

You also need to tell the toilet hire company if the portable toilets will be used as a backup to indoor toilets. Logistics should be discussed as well. Toilet placement and hygiene should also be reviewed when you contact a toilet provider.

In addition, make sure the proper etiquette is followed when using outside toilet facilities. For example, it helps to post signs to remind people to flush the toilet. The use of air fresheners can also help in this respect. Also, remember to include receptacles for the disposal of the personal hygiene products. This will help prevent unwanted clogs and keep things cleaner overall.

Post Reminders

Make sure you add signs that remind people to wash their hands as well. Not only is it good etiquette to wash your hands, it is also a requirement of good hygiene. People should have access to towels to dry their hands and trash bins should be available for paper disposal.

In order to minimise problems with clogs and maintain cleanliness then, make sure you post signs and stock the facilities well. Luxury toilet facilities are available in a variety of size ranges to accommodate your purposes. To make your decision, request a brochure from a toilet hire company today.

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