What To Do If You Need An Emergency Plumber


It is most people’s worst nightmare; you wake up in the middle of the night to hear water gushing.  Your heart will probably be pounding as you leap out of bed and make your way anxiously towards the noise.  Then, in the kitchen, or maybe the bathroom you find a large puddle of water and it is growing an alarming rate.  Clearly some part of your pipe work has sprung a leak.  Valuable possessions are likely to become water damaged if the leak continues.

The safest approach is to go straight to your main water valve and shut it off, the water will continue to leak for a short while but your system will soon be empty.  You will then want to get your treasured possessions off the floor or low shelves and well aware from any water.  Only then will you be able to turn your attention to attempting to clear the water and trace the leak.  Even if you are not an experienced plumber you should be able to spot the leak fairly easily, or at least the area where it is coming from.  Once you have cleared up the worst of the water you will need to find an emergency plumber; you cannot survive without water in your house for long!

It is important to note that an emergency plumber will have a significant call out charge, especially if it is the middle of the night.  If it is at all possible you may be better to wait until normal hours to call them:

The Internet

The most obvious place to find an emergency plumber is on the internet.  You will be able to search for all the plumbers in your vicinity and choose one to contact; or several to ensure you get the fastest response.  Accessing their details via the internet will also give you the opportunity to check their feedback rating with other customers.  It is best to do this via the social media sites and you will, almost certainly, come across some negative comments.  A few of these should not be seen as an issue.

Phone Book

A less popular and less informative approach is to pick up your local phone book and start calling the numbers of emergency plumbers.  You will have no real information regarding the service each one others but you may get an extremely fast response!

Business cards

Whenever you are out and abut you are likely to have leaflets or business cards waved in your direction.  If, like most people, you have collected some of these that may be useful then it is time to look through them and see if you have one for a plumber.  If you do then it is worth calling them; you must have had a good gut instinct to keep the card in the first place!


It is also worth calling your family and friends; providing it is at an appropriate time!  You may find that they know a good plumber or regularly use the services of one.  If so, a personal recommendation can go a long way to helping you get your plumbing emergency sorted quickly!

Of course, if you already use a plumber for servicing and repairs, they should be your first call; they will know your plumbing better than anyone!

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