Moving House? Use a Local Removals Company


If you are thinking about moving house now or in the future, having a local, trusted, reliable removals company on your side is absolutely essential. You are not just hiring this company to move things from A to B but entrusting them with all your worldly possessions. If you live in Maidstone and for any reason you don’t know of a local removals firm, the internet is your friend. Simply got to a search engine and enter the search term, ‘removals near me Maidstone and you will get a list of results based on the distance from wherever you are accessing the internet. It is important you check their credentials when selecting your chosen removals company but as general rule of thumb they should all be:

  • Experienced with an Excellent Track Record
  • Have Specialist Experience in Moving Valuable Items (if you have them!)
  • Hold Comprehensive Insurance in Case of Accidental Damage
  • Have a High Degree of Local Knowledge about your Location and End Destination

Other Services

If you are in-between houses (i.e. Sold your house and waiting for your new home to become available) most removals companies will offer short or long term storage options. This is particularly useful if you are relocating overseas and need to finalise details before you actually leave. Storage areas should be secure and free of damp and dust. If you have any antique items that need to kept in a certain environment be sure to mention this before you book.

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