As time goes by, the rate of homeownership is marking a constant hike. It is because governments are coming up with innovative schemes that are financially compatible with their average citizens. However, once you buy a home, you will have to invest money on it from time to time. If not, a homeowner is quite likely to fall prey to the expensive repairs.

Since there is an endless list of home maintenance aspects, people typically miss out on some of them. We have narrowed down the often-ignored home maintenance tasks that may break your bank if not addressed on time:

1. Roof inspection

On average, roof repair costs around approximately 600 dollars. But the amount can quickly escalate to as many as 20,000 dollars if your roof undergoes major structural problems. A minor roof leak can potentially trigger severe damage because it may pave the way for mold and subsequently ruin the wood structure. What is worse, things could quickly get out of your hands if water somehow makes it to the electrical wires.

Make it a point to stroll down the roof after every storm and look for curled or destroyed pieces of shingles. If shingles are not up to the mark or missing altogether, get them replaced at the earliest. Also, pay attention to the areas with moss and piles of leaves as they eventually lead to leaks.

2. Drain your water heater tank

The water heater is one of the common home appliances. According to a well-documented study, nearly all the houses in America have one water heater, at a minimum. Despite being a household device, a vast majority of people fail to prioritize its maintenance from furnace repair experts.

With time, minerals get stuck at the bottom of a water heater tank. They do not only play a pivotal role in decreasing their efficiency level, but also invite corrosion. Therefore, it is mandatory to drain this damaging liquid. As a rule of thumb, it is flushing out the sludge once a year would do the job quite comprehensively.

To be on the safe side, allow your water heater to cool down properly before draining it.

3. Tidy up gutters

Since gutters are mostly outside the property, they do not get the due share of attention. Blocked drains can direct unclean water into your home and expose it to mold. Worse still, ice blocks trickling down from the roof in winter may balloon up the gutter and possibly stimulate the detachment of sewer pipes. Clogged drains can become a haven for insects, which means your family members will catch various diseases.

4. Maintain water pressure

Several devices and connections come to a halt every day due to the high water demand. On top of that, it also results in excessive energy bills because you end up using more water than you require. Hence, it is necessary to stay on top of the water pressure. Do not assume maintaining water pressure is a mounting task. All you need is a quality pressure gauge and pressure-reducing faucet. Provided the abundance of online assistance, you can even install them without contacting an expert.

5. Clean refrigerator coils

Depending on the brand and design of your refrigerator, these coils can be found anywhere in the appliance. After being layered with dust, their performance is severely affected because the dust works as additional insulation. It puts a burden on the compressor, and the lifespan of your refrigerator sharply declines.

Cleaning condenser coils every once in a while is highly recommended. A Coil-cleaning brush is hands down the best tool to get on with the task because it can easily reach out to the delicate little spots and ensure thorough purging.

6. Examine chimney

When wood burns inside ac chimney, it produces a flammable substance called creosote. It is one reason why vents account for 25000 fires every year in the United States alone. You can keep unwanted property damage at a safe distance by scheduling an annual inspection.

The final verdict

Whether you plan to sell or live in the house, home maintenance is unavoidable in both scenarios. Though home maintenance tasks are not necessarily demanding, you tend to do well when you have a vivid idea.

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