Modern Farmhouse Plans – Point to Consider


If you look at any home decor magazine, it’s not hard to find a home that filled with farmhouse charm. Even if you peruse the aisle of home decor stores, the pillows, lampshades and other accessories maintain the farmhouse style. Yet, it can be a little challenging to figure out how to create the ideal look for your home. In order to create the farmhouse look of your dreams, just include these elements.

1. Distressed Wood

Distressed wood is one of the signature pieces in a farmhouse home. Even if you’re living in a beautiful Perch Plan home, you definitely want to incorporate aged elements to make the decor feel more authentic. If you’re clueless about Perch Plans, check them out for more information. Once you sign the deal and nab one of those beautifully modern farmhouse plans for sale, begin to find mirrors, frames and wooden furniture that all possess the distressed look.

2. Colors

Typically, farmhouses play on soft, muted colors like cream, taupes and beige. To get a good barometer, look at nature. If the color can be found in nature, go for it. Light brown shades and various green shades will work perfectly with this type of home. Try to avoid the temptation to keep the entire home in one color. You need visual variety and dimension.

3. Plants

If you have a green thumb, it’s your lucky day to include lots of indoor plants. Indoor plants are also helpful because they cleanse and purify the air. If you don’t have a green thumb and need plants that require low maintenance, pick up a few succulents. Additionally, add a bouquet of flowers in your grocery cart once you’re shopping. Add those flowers to a stunning vase for an easy natural addition. It’s also okay to add a few faux ferns. As long as they look beautiful, go for it.

4. Accessories

Use mason jars as vases for floral arrangements and as drinking cups when guests are thirsty. Chalkboards are increasingly popular in home decor. Consider painting a chalkboard on one of the larger walls in your home.

As you get the foundational items (couches, area rugs,etc.) and get a better understanding of your design plan, you’ll begin to see the big picture come together. Continue to look at shelter blogs and magazines for inspiration. Lastly, always remember to take your time. The last thing you want to do is rush a decorating project in your own home. As time goes on, you’ll gain a better understanding for what your home really needs.

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