Methods for Testing Your Swimming Pool Water


The water in the pool needs to be checked at least once a week to check for the pH of water, the level of chlorine, the sanitization and also for any causes of algae or mold growth. Only few people have real experience in this field and can handle the testing process. For those who don’t know about it here are 3 methods that can be used to test your swimming pool water.

Test Kits:

This is the simplest and an elaborate way to test your swimming pool water. It has been in the market for very long. For people who install the pool they are usually advised to get the kits so that they don’t face big trouble. What you need to do is get a little water from the pool through either a pipe or a cup whichever suits you. If you wish to test for more than one thing a pipe would be a better idea to get more water out at once or you will have to refill the cup multiple times. These kits are capable of testing free chlorine, pH, Stabilizer, combined chlorine and total alkalinity. When you have got at least a cup of water there are chemicals accompanied with the kits you need to use the chemicals on the sample. Once you do so you will see a change in the sample and the change can be checked against the charts that are provided with the kit. The same process can be repeated for each of the tests you wish to know the results for. The colored charts corresponding to each condition makes the check easy. For pH check phenol red is the chemical that is added and the redder the water turns the higher the pH of the water is.

Test Strips:

Test strips are simpler than the test kits. Though test kits have many tests available and provide you a lot of information about the statistics of your pool test strips are easier to use and for a home-based pool this is the best option. It gives you an accurate result. With the test strips you can do many tests at once. All you need to do it dip the strip in the water and take it out of it. Don’t try to jerk the water off the strip. Let it stay. Wait for 10-15 seconds. After the listed time passes you will see visible color changes. These can be compared with the color on the bottle or on the strip which is easier than comparing it with the chart.

Pool Shop Testing:

The water cannot be tested for everything at home. There are some tests you need more equipment to perform. That’s where a pool testing shop comes in. You can take the sample to the shop and get it tested for more things like the presence of copper, the hardness of water and the concentration of dissolved solutes. Most pool shops provide these tests free but the other tests also needs to be done. You can contact Blue Haven Pools for testing the water of you pool, you can count on them to provide you with the best services and guidance.

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