Method and advantages of roof installation


When we are travelling from one place to another we see different houses and the look of some houses make us admire them from the depth of our hearts and we wish that may be our house look the same as them. Their infrastructure, roof installations, architecture, and color schemes everything attracts us and for a brief moment we get trapped in those lustrous dreams.

What actually gives a house a magnificent look is the installations of roofs on a house and their order and quality. Without the proper roof installation a house is nothing but some walls drawn upward by a mason. Houses are our refuge from all the bad that is happening in this doomed world and everybody has something to go back to and that is his or her home and only a homeless person knows the importance of a house when you don’t have a personal place to eat, sleep, or put your personal belongings. It hurts and it is our sacred duty that we make our houses worth it because we live our whole lives in them.

Installation method of roofs:

  1. When a house is designed the architect also designs the roof installations and its places and different aspects.
  2. After that when the basic structure of the house is complete then they start the process of roof installation.
  3. Firstly they install a layer of strong bars that are intended to hold those installations they may be made up of iron in the form of iron bars or of wood in form of large and strong wooden bars.
  4. Then on that skeleton they install another layer of wooden planks or card board or some ting else that is used for the similar purposes.
  5. After that the masons apply the final layer of the roof installation that may be of bricks or made of metal in form of metal plates.

Advantages of roof installation properly:

  1. Roof installation give our houses a beautiful look and make their view breath taking.
  2. A strong roof installation has the capability of protecting those people who had took refuge under it from the harsh conditions of the weather.
  3. They do not let anything penetrate through themselves and protect the things present inside form different kind of things present outside.
  4. They do not let anything accumulate and everything slides from them like children take slides in an amusement park. For example in the winter season when it snows the roof tops are covered with snow but with proper roof installation the accumulation of snow can be managed and in the same way when it rains too much in the monsoon they do not let water penetrate through them and enter the house but in fact they let it slide and it presents a marvelous scene.

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