Mentioning Few Common Home Design Interior Décor Mistakes to Avoid


To have anything looking perfect and well manageable isn’t an easy task. The same theory applies while decorating your home. Whether you do it yourself or having assistance from well skilled interior decorator, a few mistakes happen which can be easily avoided to have the best decorated home in your locality.

The mistakes often take place while doing interior decoration of home and solutions:

  • Often while furnishing, the accessories get arranged in such a manner that it seems overcrowded or totally a vacant place. Thus, before embarking on buying spree for wooden items, try to measure the right size of the furniture to be placed in the particular room to be furnished.
  • Mismatch of the wooden implements is preferable in rooms like living or dining place, not looks best in rooms like master bedroom or place where you entertain your guests. Consider the style of décor you prefer like whether it should be classic or modern.
  • Color of the walls are often chosen in a confusing way which result in painting your walls in unsuitable color not at all enlightening the light fixtures or camouflage with furnishing of your home. The best way to avoid mistakes is to sample them. In present days it is a common trend that the vendor of selling paints send their experts to customer’s home to help in selecting the best for their home décor. You can apply the colors you have chosen in sample space of wall to make the final decision. You can even take few hours time to know the changes of the shade of the applied colors during day time and night hours before painting the whole wall with the fresh paint.
  • Lack of right kind of lighting really makes your living place look dowdy like a museum or appear over brighten like a studio eradicating the rich and elegant look of the other accessories present in the room and shadow the beauty of the painted walls of home. Best to have any kind of room with series of small powered lights to add to the beauty of your decorated room. Always prefer to show the art work done on the ceilings. Varying the strength of the light sources will help in making your living space look more spacious and elegant.
  • Always try to have similar kind of collection of artistic work in same corner of room. Keeping them scattered all over the room won’t be nice and even may not leave space to enlighten other decorative items of the home.
  • Furniture should be placed in such a way that the home doesn’t look over scattered and confining the whole space in the home.

Most of the mistakes happen when home members try to décor their home themselves without having any inclination to measure the right proportions to place furniture or when they cover the whole wall with decorative wall papers. This kind of décor will be expensive as well as not perfect to live in a well decorated modern home. To know more about interior décor of home visit the sites of well known vendors like Annabelle’s fine home furnishing and other informative links to avoid the common mistakes while decorating your home.

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