The Many Benefits of the Home – Office


The digital age heralded the onset of the entrepreneur era, a time when talented people decided to take the plunge, and with continued development and e-commerce, the stage was set for a generation of digital nomads, a sure sign of the times. Running an online business can be smoothly managed with a single PC and a broadband connection, and never before has the business owner had it so easy. This new sector obviously has a business premises need, and with property at a premium, many new ventures simply cannot afford an office, let alone a prestigious address, yet with virtual office services, you can have an impressive CBD address, yet run your empire from your home.

Vital Funding

When costing a new venture, everything must be taken into account, and typically, a large portion of the initial investment would be leasing the premises. By using your home as your registered business address, you have everything you need, and at virtually no cost, and with the many other avenues where you need to spend, not having to lease your business premises is a big plus, and allows a startup on a shoestring budget. Of course, you will need all the hardware to support such an operation, and don’t skimp on IT equipment, for this is the very thing that your business platform is based on. A good swivel office chair is essential, and online suppliers offer lower than retail prices, and perhaps you should go for a CEO type executive model, as a constant reminder of where you are heading.

Independent Office

It simply doesn’t work if you try to blend your home life with the business, so best to select a suitable room and turn that into your control room, and with a stylish table and Bentwood chairs, you have the ideal relaxation area. This is the room from where you will manage your business, so comfort is the thing to focus on, and with no need to have visitors, you can do away with a certain aspect of the room design. Functionality over looks would be a good way to put it, and this also means saving some money.

Complete Control

If image is important, you hire a virtual office company, who, for a small fee, will give you a prestigious CBD address, with corresponding landline numbers, and with a professional virtual receptionist manning the phones during office hours, all incoming calls would be instantly transferred you your landline or mobile number. This makes it possible to create the perfect image, and let’s face it, people like to deal with successful organisations, and should you ever wish to meet your clients, the service includes use of state of the art boardrooms, and they’ll even put your signage up for the day of the meeting.

Aside from the huge saving you made on the office rental, or rather, lack of it, your running costs will also be affordable, as you do not have to pay security, and a cleaner is not necessary. Running a business empire from home is not only possible, technology has made it quite easy, and with so many benefits, why not base your new business venture in your spare room?

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