Making Boring Chairs More Interesting


While almost every event that you host is going to include chairs, that doesn’t mean that the chairs need to be boring. Boring chairs can often take away from the ambiance that you want to create for an event, making it that much more difficult to impress your guests.

Thankfully there are methods such the use of chair sashes, chair covers, and chair bands to change the way that chairs appear. Here are a few different situations in which this might be a good idea.

1. Weddings

If you have ever been to a wedding where chair covers or something similar was used, you know that it is another way to match the linens and the overall theme. You can make a much more immersive world when you use chair covers and sashes in this situation. If you have a fantasy-themed wedding, then the chair covers can make it seem like the wedding is being held in a fantasy location. Other covers can make it seem like you are holding the wedding in winter, even if the sun is shining outside. Many brides have chosen to accessorise the chairs that they are using for this event.

  1. Large Parties

If you are throwing a large party, folding metal chairs can seem less than inviting. They can make people feel uncomfortable. Now, how can they enjoy the party when they are uncomfortable, or feel like they are at a poorly organised gathering. When you make sure that the chairs look good, it makes them welcoming and adds an air of refinement to the entire party. This can be a great way to have a work party, or any other work-related event much more impressive.

  1. Catered Events

At a catered event, people are going to expect something elegant and impressive. If you have people working on your staff, serving food, it spoils the experience if they can see boring and uninspired chairs. However, chair covers that drape or make the chairs blend in with the rest of the décor can help keep their expectations up. This can also be a great way to interject some colour into your event. Singling out different tables can make it easy for people to figure out the various seating charts available to choose.

  1. Charity Auctions

When people feel like they are surrounded by elegance, they often feel like they need to live up to that elegance. This is why people put so much effort into charity events. When people feel like they are being offered a truly magical experience, they are much more likely to spend more money. Choosing to cover or decorate the chairs at your next charity auction may just help you pull in more money and impress your donors.

Overall, you need a good theme for any event that you put on, but adding in something to spice up the

boring chairs at your event will generally make a great impression on your guests.

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