What Makes A Mattress Poor Quality


Sleeping on a bad mattress is not something that anyone wants to do at all. As well as disrupting your sleep, a bad mattress could cause a lot of damage to your back, which will leave you in pain and will have an adverse effect on the quality of your life.

There are several signs that you are sleeping on a poor quality mattress.

The Springs And Coils Keep Digging Into Your Back

The most obvious sign that you are sleeping on a poor quality mattress is if you feel the springs and coils digging into your back whilst you are trying to get a decent amount of sleep. The springs will start to poke into your back if the mattress is too thin or if the springs are too sharp. The mattress may have a poor top layer, which will mean that the springs push against you very easily.

 If the coils are digging into your back, then you need to get rid of the mattress and buy one that is not going to dig into your back at all.

The Mattress Is Too Hard

Mattresses need to have some softness so that they will form to the shape of your body. This will reduce the amount of strain that is placed on your back, neck and shoulders. You should always test the firmness of a mattress over a trial period. The mattress should not feel like it is completely solid. If it does, then you should try and find a softer mattress that is not so rock-solid.

Then you will be able to have a peaceful night’s sleep without feeling like you are sleeping on a bed of nails. Visit http://www.mattress-inquirer.com/best-and-worst-mattress-reviews/ for quality mattress reviews.

The Mattress Stuffing Is Leaking Out

Your mattress needs to be completely secure without any splits or tears. If splits or tears occur, then the mattress stuffing could start to leak out and cause the mattress to become much flatter. You should replace the mattress as soon as you notice the stuffing leaking out. Keep eyes on any tears from occurring.

Quality mattresses should not develop any tears, so you should shop around to find a mattress which is completely robust.

The Mattress Is Not Fireproof

Mattresses need to be tested for safety so that they can be certified as completely inflammable. However, some lower-quality mattresses are not completely fireproof because they are made from a cheap material that easily catches fire and hasn’t been tested. This is a risk because the mattress could set alight if something like a cigarette is accidently left next to the bed and rolls onto the mattress.

The Mattress Does Not Spring Back Easily

A quality mattress should mould to the shape of your body so that you are comfortable. However, a poor-quality mattress will fail to return to its original shape after you get up off the bed.

Poor quality mattresses can damage your health so they need to be replaced.

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