Make your new kitchen fit for a party


As the saying goes, ‘you will always find me in the kitchen at parties’ – but most of us dream of having a kitchen that is fit for all purposes. A family zone by day, and fit for a party by night. But how can you create a happy medium between the both?

Kitchen design experts at Harvey Jones have stacks of advice and inspiration to help you design the perfect space that allows you to create those all-important family memories, while still having the ‘wow’ factor.

  1. Add a peninsula or island for your guests to gather
    While also acting as an additional workspace from day to day, an island or peninsula offers a space for your guests to gather and socialise. It can be a homework station by day and a party buffet station by night. You can provide the hottest party buffet for all your friends and family.
    Barstools can live under an overhanging worktop, meaning your guests can take a seat and enjoy a glass of fizz whilst you cook up a storm in the core kitchen space.
  2. Create a drinks station
    Double-doored breakfast stations are a great way to store away cereals, bread and breakfast china. But this can be transformed into your very own bar area come party time. Replace your breakfast essentials with glasses, cocktail paraphernalia and party snacks. Additional plug points will come in handy to wow your guests with ice machines and blenders to make your very own frozen cocktails.
    If you want to really impress, incorporate a wine rack or cooler when designing your kitchen so that your guests favourite tipple is always at hand when they need a top up.
  3. Have plenty of place to sit
    Bench seating areas are a very popular choice when looking to add further seating dimensions to your kitchen. Big family? An extendable dining table can be a great investment to ensure you can gather all your family around one table together. For parties, however, you might want to consider extra chairs. Fold-away ones are easy to store when they are not needed. A multipurpose utility cupboard is a good way to hide away your household essentials such as your vacuum, ironing board, and of course those extra chairs. They will be right at hand for when you throw a party, but out of sight when you don’t.

Light it up
Lighting is key to creating the mood of a party. But not everyone wants multi-coloured kitchen lights all year round. Colour-changing LED spot lights inside cupboards, under work surfaces and under your cupboards means you can keep things simple day to day but jazz things up when you want to impress your guests. Zoning and dimmable switches means you can set the mood in certain areas of the kitchen, or even set the mood for a romantic meal with your better half.

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