Make Your Bath Safe and Enjoyable With tub for the Disabled


Life’s trials sure can bring a host of challenges. Whether you or a loved one has coped with disabilities, whether injury or illness has brought on physical or cognitive limitations, or whether advancing age is making it difficult to perform daily tasks, having tools and resources to help is a must. If you or someone close to you fits into any of these categories, you want access to those things that will accommodate your needs. Bathtubs for disabled people are a popular item in bathrooms everywhere to help people bathe and take care of their daily hygiene needs. Regular tubs can be unsafe and inaccessible to those with disabilities or other physical hardships. If you’ve been trying to shower or bathe without a tub to meet your needs, now is the time to make the switch to something better.

Get Right In

 If you are wheelchair-bound or otherwise need assistance getting around, getting into a bathtub with a ledge can be arduous. You’ll love the news that bathtubs for the disabled have easy entry into the tub with a walk-in door that allows you to step right inside without having to get into any awkward or impossible positions. Plus, if you’re in a wheelchair, you can slide right into the tub with less assistance than you would require in a traditional bathtub.

Bar for Safety

 Like any well-equipped bathroom, bathtubs for disabled people have safety bars lining the tub to help the user get in and out and to ensure steadiness and safety. It’ll be easy for you to enjoy your bath, plus you’ll have the confidence and peace of mind you need knowing that you are less vulnerable to slips and falls than with a tub that didn’t come with a safety bar.

Slip-Resistant Floors

 The floor of a bathtub can be a culprit for nasty slips and falls. Some tubs can become dangerously slippery as the water drains and users try to exit. Head injuries and other bumps and bruises are no uncommon for even the steadiest person under the conditions. Bathtubs for disabled users are built with a special coating on the tub floor to help prevent slipping. This is a very effective measure that you definitely want to take advantage of.

Have a Seat

 To make it easier for you to enjoy your bath, these tubs have yet another helpful feature: a built-in seat. This will help you remain more safe and secure as you soak in the warm water. The seat has a high back and is 17 inches and compliant with all ADA regulations. The seat is even heated to give you enhanced comfort and relaxation.

Easy Controls

 To prevent you from having to strain yourself, bathtubs for the disabled come with easy-to-use knobs and quick draining systems. You won’t have to worry about exerting to get the water off and on.

It’s challenging enough to perform your daily functions if you have disabilities or if  you have other physical challenges. Get a bathtub specifically designed for the disabled, and your worries about bathing will be washed away.



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