Major tips to repair and replace a broken glass pane in windows


Windows, the major part of our buildings enable us to enjoy fresh air, outer scenes and sunlight that refresh our body and brain. These fixtures consist of glass panes, wooden or steel frames, hinges and nuts & bolts etc. Many a times the glass pieces get broken due to errors of the children that play with the ball that hits the glass. Likewise disoriented birds sometimes hit it and hailstorms also result in this happening. The broken windowpane needs to be replaced with the new ones purchased from prominent suppliers like Window repairs High Wycombe without much delay.

Window repairs

Following steps go a long way in dealing with the broken windowpanes:

  1. When you are on the task to replace the broken windowpane, do remember to wear safety glasses and work gloves. It is necessary to protect your body and eyes from the broken pieces of the glasses that may harm you.
  2. Replacement of the broken windowpanes needs taking out the broken pieces in full. Remove them one by one to save yourself from their sharp edges. Make use of some towel.
  3. The broken glass pieces may be wrapped in an old newspaper and disposed off wisely in a box or container.
  4. Exact measurement for the new glass pieces is a must. Do it with the window opening by subtracting 1/16 to 1/8 inch both from the length and width when asking for a new glass piece.
  5. Make use of pliers or screwdrivers for pulling out spring clips or vinyl splines from the metal/vinyl frames.
  6. Likewise chisel or putty knife may be used for removing the glazing compound from the wooden frames. Heat gun may be used to soften the putty by heating the area before scarping. Remove the putty in gentle manners to avoid any damage to the frame.
  7. The frame may be cleaned and sanded in gentle manners. Paintbrush may be used for applying linseed to the frame. Installing new window pane will be convenient by using oil that helps in making the glazing compound pliable enough. Glazing tool may be used to apply the compound around the frame.
  8. The new glass piece should be inserted into the wood frame and pressed in firm manners. The replacement glass may be inserted and the spring clips or vinyl splines be reinserted if the frame is metal or vinyl. The old pieces may be replaced with new ones if the same are damaged.
  9. Glazing tool may be used for inserting and driving the glazier’s points around the glass. The glazing compound should be placed around the edges of the new glass panes by pressing it into the place falling between the frame and the glass pane with the fingers.
  10. Glazing tool blade must be coated with linseed oil for softening the glazing compound. Paint must be applied after a period of at least one week to allow the glazing compound to cure.

Seek assistance of the professional glass fixers if any large piece is to be removed and new one is to be installed. Approach the nearest glass or hardware stores like Window repairs High Wycombe for the same.

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