Maintenance for Optimum Air Conditioner Performance


During the warmer months of the year, the benefits of an efficient air conditioning system cannot be overstated, whether it is cooling a private residence or a business. It is easy, however, to take the comforts of a cooler interior for granted and neglect the responsibility of maintaining the system responsible for your comfort. Air Conditioning Maintenance Kent has the knowledge to assess an interior environment for the best A/C options and to keep your unit in optimum operating order.


The three basic types of air conditioning units are the window or portable unit for a smaller area, split air conditioners, which cool larger areas without the aid of duct work, and central air conditioning units which typically cool an entire building through duct work. Choosing the wrong unit can mean a higher utilities bill and a compromise of comfort. A unit that is not large enough will have to work overtime trying, sometimes unsuccessfully, to reach the optimum comfort. The extra work of the unit equals an extra strain on the heating and cooling budget. A unit that is too large can cool the room too quickly and will not have time to remove the moisture in the air, resulting in a room that feels unpleasantly damp. It is important to calculate and consider the area to be cooled, and find a unit with the correct BTU (a measure of the amount of heat to be removed) to serve that purpose effectively. What’s more, if the area being considered has a high level of ambient moisture that should also be taken into consideration. Will the unit be able to remove the excess moisture efficiently? Will that affect the BTU rating needed? Air Conditioning Maintenance Kent has the expertise to evaluate your situation and help you make the right choice and then achieve and maintain the best possible performance.


If maintaining an air conditioning system was simply a matter of occasionally changing a filter, life would be simpler. Unfortunately, there is more to be considered. For example, the coils of you unit can accumulate dirt over a period of time, the fins can become bent and block the airflow, the drain for the condensed moisture drawn from the air can become clogged, the seal around smaller units can deteriorate over time, and more. In addition, the motor and mechanical function should be safeguarded and maintained for a long life of peak performance.

Avoid the mistake of purchasing a unit and assuming it will provide optimum performance without any investment of time or care. Cooling Systems Limited has the experience and know-how to offer you the best Air Conditioning Maintenance Kent to keep you comfortable for a long time.

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