Maintain Your Drainage System Safely


If you have a problem with the drainage system in your sink, especially the problem of slow draining, then you can follow these simple tips to make sure your drainage system does not get blocked which could cause serious repairs to be done in the future. Sometimes kitchen sinks can become blocked by general detritus that gets stuck in the drainage system or they start to drain slowly, which can cause nasty smells and cause you to waste time when you are washing the dishes. Indeed, the kitchen sink is one of the most regularly used items in the house and if this is blocked, then you can have serious issues with your drainage system that could lead to unexpected costs in the future. However, if you follow these simple tips you can make sure your kitchen sink remains in full working order at all times.

Clean the rubbish off your plate

Your kitchen sink can become blocked as a result of cleaning dishes and removing the leftovers from plates as well as other bits of detritus because these can get stuck in your kitchen sink while drain blockages can also then occur. Indeed, kitchen sinks can be very problematic and they can develop serious issues which could cause you to hire a plumber at significant expense.

Use baking soda and vinegar

If you have a slow draining kitchen sink, then you can try mixing baking soda and vinegar in the sink that will create carbon dioxide in a volatile reaction which can help to clear some of the simple blockages from your kitchen sink. One of the simplest things that you can do is to use baking soda, vinegar and hot water to clear any small blockage in your kitchen sink. Firstly, you should boil some water in your kettle and while this is happening you should pour the baking soda into the drain. The next step is to pour vinegar into the drain which will react with the baking soda and start to create a fizzing sound as the two agents start to react. Once this reaction has begun, you should pour the boiling water from the kettle into the drain while also running extra hot water from your tap to flush out the blockage.

Chemical un-blockers

If you have already tried a mixture of baking soda, vinegar and hot water to remove the blockage you can try a variety of chemical agents that are readily available which can be used in the kitchen sink to remove serious blockages. However, you should be extremely careful with these particular types of cleaning products as they use very strong chemicals to remove the blockage and they can burn your skin if they are not handled correctly. Therefore, you need to consider the various choices of how to unblock your sink in the event that these particular methods do not work correctly. For professional advice, you can contact a firm of drainage specialists in Bishops Stortford who can assist you with cleaning your drains.

Prevention is better than cure

However, the simplest thing that you can do to make sure your drains remain clean at all times is to not throw any rubbish, food or general detritus into your drain system to prevent it from becoming blocked.

If you have a blocked kitchen sink, then you should try one of these simple methods of removing the blockage before calling the experts in drainage solutions as soon as possible to prevent further issues in the future.

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