How To Maintain Formica Tops In Your Workshop


If your workshop Formica tops or laminate board panels have seen some action through the years of toil, weathering the odd scratches, scrapes and spills, they may not be in the best condition right now. Having a clean workshop, though, is great for any craftsman’s spirit, so why not give your countertops the care they deserve? Maintain your Formica tops with these simple steps:

  • Clear and clean your countertops properly before starting any repairs:

Remove all your heavy machinery form the countertops. Even though this may require some extra elbow grease, it is well worth it in the end. Remove all other appliances and materials and scrub your tops down with a rag and some warm, soapy water. Try to remove all caked dirt and cement sediment that’s been left behind and pay special attention to getting these accumulations out of the scratches you’ll be repairing.

  • Use rub paste to fill the crevices:

Now that your countertop is clean and ready for some TLC, fill scratches with paste wax (likely available at your local hardware store) and buff and level the extra paste off with a buff cloth. If your scratches are a bit deeper, try using special Formica Filler to level the surface. Deeper scratches simply require a little more filer; cake them up with a large amount and level with a putty knife if necessary. These fillers usually take around 24 hours to dry, during which time your tops will have to be left to dry, if you’d like your repairs to take effect.

  • Buff and clean your dried countertops

Once your tops have been left to thoroughly dry, buff the waxed and filled scratches with steel wool in a gentle circular motion for the best effect. Clean the surface with wax polish, if you can, and give it a final polish with your rag. The result should be clean, smooth, undamaged surfaces and the satisfaction of a good DIY job well done.

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