How to maintain and clean your roof top


You may be standing on the ground peering up at your roof, thinking it could use a good clean to remove the moss, mould and algae, but wondering what the most effective cleaning method would be to maximize the time before you have to go back and clean it again or pay someone else to clean it again. Deciding what the best method for cleaning and maintaining your roof top would be can be a difficult decision as there are mixed opinions on all the various cleaning methods. Obviously you don’t want to end up causing damage to your roof, but equally, you just want the green gone as the moss, mould and algae can also cause damage to your roof especially as it grows.

Roof cleaning and maintenance options:


  • Pressure washing
  • Eco-friendly, bleach free, low-pressure roof cleaning
  • Bleach method
  • Gutters

To pressure wash or not to pressure wash?

There are many different methods for cleaning your roof, which will either be offered by a professional company or ones that you can do yourself. One of which is pressure washing, but deciding whether you should or shouldn’t can be a difficult decision. Some people believe that pressure washing your roof can cause damage and shorten the lifespan, but some companies still offer this cleaning method. It can also leave the roots behind which will regrow meaning you will need to keep up the treatments. This method can also be damaging to roof shingles.

Eco-friendly, bleach free, low-pressure roof cleaning

Pros: This method of roof cleaning is generally instant as the moss etc. is instantly killed. It’s the safest and gentlest method for roof cleaning and it only needs to be repeated annually for the best results so there aren’t massive bills associated with it.

Cons: This method may cost a bit more than other methods as all of the products are safe and eco-friendly which the others aren’t as obviously bleach is very cheap and easy to get hold of whereas eco-friendly takes a bit more effort to produce.

Bleach method

Pros: It’s the cheapest method.

Cons: It takes longer to be effective and there may be a strong chemical smell. This may be harmful to people and pets who are exposed to the smell and it will cause permanent damage to plants, trees, etc. There is also a risk of it leaking into waterways and having a detrimental effect.

Clean gutters help immensely

Having clean gutters is a huge help in keeping your roof in good shape. Without them, the water is unable to get away from your property and may cause a lot of damage such as damage to the gutter, damage to the roof and even damage to the inside of your property as water may get in.

If your gutters are damaged, blocked or non-existent and you need to contact a Gutter replacement Perth specialist for advice, Cool Spec Gutter Replacement Perth is a company that may be able to provide the advice and products you need.


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