Luxury Family Home That Symbolizes Relaxation


What defines a great family home? It’s a safe place for all family members. A place where you can connect, share happiness and sadness with your loved ones without being judged. OFD architects have combined all these attributes into an embodiment of luxurious comfort and created an ideal home where families can reside and endulge in absolute comfort.

TMF 家匠

Creating a cozy but stylish luxury home was the main goal if this design venture.  TMF 家匠 has put together some photos which should serve as inspiriation.

The tour begins in the living room. This open space combines luxury and relaxing elements to create a cosy liveable feel. Furniture elements such as the coffee table play a large role in creating that calm and leisure energy.

Probably the strongest eye catcher are the black wall which serves as a contracts to the lighter coloured room theme and the wodden triangular shelves. Also the rooms height gives it a modern and airy feel you’ll rarely find a place like this one.

Great aesthetics can be found all over the living space. From wide and open ceilings to white walls combined with wooden board. This living space also surprises with great contrasts for example indoor plants all around which creates a small oasis for all to experience.

 Another masterpiece which we would like to showcase is the dining room table. Its dark wooden design screams of luxury and its size provides enough space for larger social occasions. However the panoramic view is probably the main attraction here providing guest with stunning views of the wider area. The overall design concept of the room is kept very simply making sure guest focus on either each other or the views.


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