What to Do When Your Love for Your Couch Competes with Your Distaste for its Cushions


A couch can be very personal. Sometimes, the couches we buy fit our space perfectly. Other times, it’s the way a couch makes us feel. This guide from The Foam Factory, will teach you everything you need to know about loving your couch and leaving its cushions.

Replace the Sofa Cushion’s Fiberfill

When a homeowner invests a lot of money on a couch, they want to keep it looking attractive. The base and arms of a couch can remain in good condition while the cushions begin to look unsightly. If the cushions of a couch have loose fiberfill, then it is easy to order new cushion filling at an online store. When someone is ordering fiberfill for a couch’s cushions, he must choose a quality product that will withstand a lot of use.

Buy Cushions for a Hard Couch

In some cases, a homeowner has a couch that has a solid wood or wicker frame. This type of furniture is uncomfortable without supportive cushions on the seats, but it is possible to order sofa seat cushions. It is important to measure the sofa’s seating area carefully to buy the correct size of cushions. In addition, there are cushions made with thick or thin pieces of foam to provide a supportive or softer surface.

Use New Foam Pieces In the Sofa’s Cushion Covers

Some sofas have cushions that have whole pieces of foam rather than loose fiberfill. When a homeowner likes the cover of these cushions, it is possible to buy new foam that is in one piece to insert in the cover. Replacement cushions are available in different styles and sizes to suit the needs of a homeowner who is trying to update a couch that they love but that has horrible cushions.

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