Long Term VS Short Term Storage Options


If you are getting ready for a move, the best thing you can do is prepare for it ahead of time. Get as much of the non-essential items you have boxed up early as you can. It means you have less to move when the actual move occurs. However, having all of these boxes around can prove to be incredibly difficult to maneuver around. Instead of letting them sit there and take up space, you may want to consider storing them.

Storage Units Can Come In Very Handy Around a Move

Most people don’t even think about storage units when it comes to moving. They believe that they need to keep everything on site, and move it when the truck is rented. There is no need to waste your time, or that of your Simi Valley moving company, by making this the case. Instead, taking those boxes of non-essentials and putting them in a storage unit can be the best option for all involved.

If you want things stored for just a little while, say before, during, and immediately following the move, then short-term rentals are the best type of solution. You rent them only as long as you need, without a long contract or series of payments to follow you around. However, if you want those non-essentials to stay out of your way, then you may want to consider a storage facility that can hold on to your items safely for many months, or even years, at a time.

To find out what long term storage units or short term are best to turn to, ask a Simi Valley moving company, such as Attention 2 Detail Moving company, who they work with. Some companies even offer storage on-site and give you a discount when you rent a truck or hire their movers. Find out your long and short term storage options today!

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