Locksmith Services Which Can Protect Properties and Families


Many older homes may be vulnerable to break-ins if they still have the original locks on doors and windows. These locks can be flimsy and inadequate for securing your home from burglars or home invasions. Fortunately, a locksmith can help you make your home more secure with the following services.

Replace Door Locks

Even if you have a door make from uPVC, a locksmith can repair the lock you have, or replace the cylinder with one which is harder to drill, pick, or bump open. These high-security cylinders make your home less vulnerable to break-ins, which makes your property and family more secure. If you lose the keys to your door, a locksmith can change the cylinder and cut new keys to replace your old ones.

Change Window Locks

Many people do not think about the locks on their windows when securing their homes. However, Orpington locksmiths can evaluate the locks on older windows and replace those which are broken, or would be too easy to jimmy open. They can also help secure sliding glass doors by installing a second, more secure lock, to prevent your home from being vulnerable to burglars.

Install CCTV

Having a visible CCTV system can help deter burglars and would-be home invaders, which will increase the security of your property. Most locksmiths can install a CCTV system for their residential, or commercial, clients to secure their premises and protect their assets. A CCTV system can help you identify suspicious people or behaviour, in time to alert authorities and prevent any problems.

If you’re concerned about your home or business being vulnerable to intruders or burglars, you can consult with a local locksmith and find better ways to secure your property. They can change locks, install a CCTV system, or install additional locks on windows and doors.

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