Leather or fabric sofa – what to choose?


It becomes really hard when you have to decide on things based on options. The decision process involves a lot of thinking and fact comparisons. And this is especially hardest when it comes for home décor.

When you are decorating your home, you might have a lot of ideas. The problem is that mostly it is a onetime investment thing. So, you have to be very decisive about it. Such a conflict comes when you have to choose furniture. To be more specific for this article, a sofa. You might have a lot of ideas in your mind on what you would be choosing to fit your style but that is not enough. Say, you wanted a sofa that would last very long but then you opted out for a fabric sofa because of the design. Sure, it would last for a year or two but in the long run, you have made a very poor decision.

To avoid such conflict in the future here are a few reasoning that you could use to decide between leather and a fabric sofa.

  1. Based on Maintenance

This might be the very first thing that you would ask yourself apart from comfort. “Will I be able to maintain it?” This is a very valid question. As a customer. the very thing that you would expect is comfort and durability along with the maintenance.

Fabrics do have a considerable lifespan but then again it depends totally on what kind of fabric is being used. If it is an expensive fabric it would most likely come with dust and scratch resistance. This is a great thing. These kinds of fabric mostly do not pick stains as well. But if you are looking at a relatively cheaper set of fabric, it picks up stains easily. Also, these kinds of fabrics would be harder to clean.

On the other hand, the leather sofa is vulnerable to scratches, but it is comparatively easier to clean and maintain. The scratches also do not seem to be a major problem as polishing can help to hide it. Thus, when you are looking at the point of maintenance, leather is a better choice.

  1. Based on Durability

As brought up in the previous point the durability of a fabric is totally dependent on the type of material being used. Here, the advantage that the fabric has is that it can be of multiple shades of colors. The shades of leather sofas are limited. But then again with time, the colour of a fabric tends to wear off. This is of no issue to a leather sofa. So, if you want to put this fact into consideration you should opt for a leather sofa.

  1. Based on Appearance

This point might be very controversial. When you want to be more aesthetic, you need to opt for more varied options. But then again something aesthetic to you would look like a complete mess to the others. The decision here is all up to you. Whatever pleases your eye is your option. But a general thing should be kept in mind. The fabric sofas could be in a wide range of shades but for a leather sofa, the shades are limited.

  1. Based on Comfort

Leather sofas are stiff but not completely hard to sit on. But when you are to compare it with a fabric sofa, the latter is a more comfortable one. The reason why fabric sofas do not last long is that it is not as hard as a leather one. This guarantees a comfort to the customer but not durability.

The final verdict on the decision between leather and a fabric sofa should thus be based on the analysis of comfort or durability. More about the furniture based on leather can be found on Omnia Leather Furniture’s website. They have listed down different items based on leather furniture. It’s important to read up on leather furniture before you go out a purchase one. After reading this informative article, you’re equipped with the information to make an informed choice.

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