Learn About Window Shutters and Their Uses


Windows are an integral part of any form of architecture. In fact, the windows are not only a functional part of any space or structure but also add immense aesthetic value to it. Windows of the French, Roman and even Indian architectures are of different styles, though they serve the same purpose of letting the air come inside a room and provide a view of the outside world through them.

How are windows functional?

By just a glance at any window one who has some knowledge about structure, spaces and architecture can tell as to what form or style of architecture is it. Windows come in various shapes and sizes. Some are there for mere functionality only. These are the common windows, small but sturdy ones present in places that serve basic utilitarian needs. Then there are these large open windows that add a sense of grandeur to the structure and ever offer functionality. Windows also largely add dimension to any room apart from providing the basic utility.

What are window shutters?

In modern days, structures are made mostly to accommodate as much functionality or utility as possible. There is constraint in space which was not experienced by people in olden days. Window shutters are one such addition which made life of households easier in the recent times. These shutters were majorly found in French architecture, however they later made way everywhere. These are actually sturdy window covers that are fixed to the windows. The shutters are actually vertical stiles and horizontal rails that are hinged together. They are usually either external ones or internal shutters. Both serve certain purposes which more or less are the same.

What are window shutters made of?

These window shutters are made of various kinds of materials. Previously, they were made out of wood mostly. Then came the metal versions of shutters. In today’s times, they are commonly found in wood. In addition to this, aluminum or faux wood is also used in making these structures. As the supply of wood is becoming a fast growing trouble and also that the consciousness about environment is increasing, people are becoming more dependent on other materials like faux wood or metal and alloys.

What are the utilities of window shutters?

These shutters on windows serve various kinds of needs. Their utility is quite a lot and thus, these are pretty popular today and are a part of almost every house, office, shop and other functional space. Here we list the few common utilities of the window shutters:

  • Firstly, this shutter helps in shutting out the light that comes from outside. This means they are functional in controlling the light that remains in the house. By opening the window shutters one lets in the fresh air as well as the sunlight or moonlight. By spacing the shutters properly one can actually control the light that is getting in. It is obviously a huge advantage of the exterior shutters. Interior ones serve the purpose of filtering the direct sunlight.
  • These shutters also help in protecting against various elements coming from outside like small flying debris, small insects, etc.
  • One most important aspect of these shutters is that they provide immense security to the household, offices, shops or other places where they are installed. House break or other stuffs by miscreants are not easily facilitated when these are installed. It will require a lot of hard work to break open these without alerting the humans who are around.
  • Exterior window shutters are also helpful in maintaining privacy. They do not let the outside world peep into your private space and create disturbance. Thus, letting the privacy prevail.

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