Lamps for your interior design


Have you ever considered lamps being more than just a light source? If not, now is the time. A lamp is a combination of design, aesthetics and of course light, and therefore one of the most important pieces in interior design. Lights play a great part in the way we experience a home – it creates a certain style, feeling and a character to the rooms. Rooms like your bedroom, bathroom and living space needs different kinds of lamps and light settings. Therefore, picking out lamps is far from an easy task. 

Combine various light sources

Creating the perfect light in a room is not something you should take lightly – so to speak. But giving some thought to how you can create the right mood and style with light is a step in the right direction. Lights and lamps are as much a part of your interior design as any other piece of furniture – it has to be both functional and the right style. When combining various light sources, you can create different settings that suits different areas in the room – use wall lamps, pendants, floor and table lamps to create layered, functional lighting and beautiful design schemes. 

A wide collection of lamps

At you find a wide collection of lamps from various designers – both Danish classics and international brands. Louis Poulsen is a brand, that has a long history of both designing and producing lamps for homes as well as businesses. With a timeless design and a great quality Louis Poulsen is a popular brand among those who love great interior design. The overall goal is to create and choose lamps that light up in just the right places with the right colors and shapes. Louis Poulsen has a long portfolio of lamps designed by ikons of Denmark such as Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton. Find lamps from Louis Poulsen here. 

Light up your home

Finding the right lamps for your home begins with knowing what style you like. Do you prefer modern minimalistic designs, that moves in straight and functional lines? Or do you want to go for more organic shapes and sizes, that are more playful in their expression? Whatever you like, the most important thing is that you feel at home and at ease, when you walk through the door. With the right lights you can create spaces, that can be both functional, when you need them to be, and comfy at other times. Again, it’s all about making your home fit your everyday preferences – and lighting it up the right way.  

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