Know The Vital Facts Before Buying Nursery Furniture!


With the arrival of the little one in your family, there arrives a lot of happiness, excitement and the fun of managing the things differently. You need to arrange for the baby’s essentials, mainly baby’s room furniture, clothing, their accessories and many other major essentials. But the most important thing in the list of baby essential is the baby’s room furniture.

Undoubtedly, you little one will need almost all new things, but the main concern is arranging for their furniture as at majority of the time your infant will spend in their furniture. Ultimately, you need to make a wise choice for nursery furniture by considering safety as one of the primary concerns. Besides that, you would wish to make the room more comfortable, attractive, as well as well organized. So, in order to help you with the best interior decor tips, below we have shortlisted some major facts to keep in mind before buying baby’s room furniture:

Nursery Furniture


  • The first favorite place for your infant to rest is the crib. Generally, babies between 2-3 age group are shifted to the real bed, so when you choose a crib, make sure that it is well-built and durable for a longer time.
  • There are different variants of cribs available in the market. Recently, in mid-2011, the drop-side cribs were banned for sale. Besides that, it is advisable to avoid crib bumpers which is not appropriate from the safety point of view.

Crib mattress:

  • The selection of crib mattress must be done wisely as the baby will need a sound sleep on a firm support. Picking up a right mattress is the key to keeping baby comfortable with his sleeping hours. The baby will probably sleep on this crib mattress up to three years and so the selection must be done accordingly.
  • Prefer the firm crib mattress that is specially meant for babies. The reason for not choosing a soft sleeping surface is due to the probability of the suffocation hazard which could raise the risk of SIDS.
  • Check if the mattress fits in the crib while ensuring that there is no space around the edge of the mattress as this may be a danger for your little one.

Bassinets and Cradles:

  • A bassinet or a cradle can prove to be a comfortable and convenient sleeping place for the baby during the first few months. The baby may feel more comfortable in the bassinet as compared to the cribs.
  • From the safety point of view, you should stop using the bassinet or cradle once the baby reaches the weight limit that is specified by the manufacturer. Also, if babies start to pull up, sit up, push up or roll over on the hands, the bassinet or cradle must be stopped.

Changing tables:

  • The changing tables are another piece of furniture that a parent will need mostly for changing diapers. The changing tables are for especially meant for the comfort of parents.
  • Look for some of the best features like the guardrail, safety straps and sturdiness as well for the safety of the baby and for your comfort as well.

Gliders and Ottomans:

  • The rocking chair is another important nursery fixture as babies and parents- both, would find the back-and-forth motion soothing, comfortable and sleep inducing.
  • The gliders are another variant of the safest rocking chair as they sit flat on the floor instead of rockers that can pinch your or your baby’s toe.

Thus, the above mentioned were some of the vital facts that must be considered before buying baby’s room furniture.

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