Know Your House: What Kind of Roof Do You Have?


If you have to build your house then it is very important to show concern in different aspects and patterns for making the house and it is not at all wise to leave everything to the masons and contractors. Like other parts of the house roofs are very important and the kind of roofing you will select for your house will dictate the condition of the house in the coming 20 to 30 years. The most essential aspect while selecting the most appropriate roof type is based on the kind of climate you are living in and along with that you also have to consider the strength factor of the roof because it is the roof which is main shelter and the whole house is built on the roof.

Gable roof:

Among the various types of roofs which are constructed on the houses, the most commonly built type of roof is called the gable roof. Basically it is the most favorite and most commonly built kind of the roof. Right from the shapes of houses in the drawings of children to the building pieces which are used in the game of monopoly the gable roof design is the standard and is very common. In fact it has become the part of every culture nowadays. There are a lot of features of this kind of roof. It is not only very economical in the long run but the initial building cost of this roof is also very minimal. However these might not be the factors which speak of its popularity. The main thing is the shape of these roofs towards which the home owners are inclined. Moreover the gable roof also covers a lot of space in very less expanses.

Hip roof:

Another common type of roof which is built on the hoses as well as the residential buildings by the residential roofing contractors is the hip roof.This roof is very much different ascompared to the gable roof. The main difference between the two is that hip roof is raised a little and its pitch is higher on all the sides. The hip roof is constructed in such a way that acts as a cradle in downwards direction. Therefore on the contrary to the gable roof, it is raised and has a pitch on all the sides. In this way the hip roof is meant to be like a horizontal plane when it covers the earth.

Just like the gable roof, hip roof is constructed by simple means and ideas are same for the construction of the roof as that for other kinds. There is one additional feature of the hip roof. As there is an efficient system of water management and shedding, it results in less expenditure on the building of sidings. Therefore it is largely a cost effective option. That is why the option of hip roof is selected by most of the home owners and builders because it is largely cost effective on the siding and wall finishing.

Gambrel roof:

This is another type of roof which is of traditionally aesthetic value. It has some resemblance with the gable roof but the main difference is in the sloping faces on the roof. There are multiple roof slopes in this construction and these are not of same height and depth. One slope is shallow while the other one is deeper comparatively. This roof type is advantageous in that it provides even greater interior space as compared to the gable roof.

There are several kinds of roofs with respect to construction and advantages but the kind of roof which is selected depends on various factors like the terrain of your area, weather conditions and overall mode of precipitation and so on. If you can’t decide between different roof types and designs then you really need to contact professional Roofing contractors Plymouth Michigan for a professional advice.

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