Know your Garden well


Living in Florida is really a dream of everyone who is living in other parts of the United States of America, and obviously, there should be a strong reason behind this wish. Well, the reason is not just the good jobs or standard of living, but actually, it is the beauty of Florida with green grass in almost every house instead of tall buildings all around. And to keep this beauty well maintained there is something which you need to understand that for Landscaping Service Wesley Chapel is the only name which you can trust blindly. According to Wesley Chapel Landscaping Services, there are at least six different types of grass just in Florida, and all of them are needed to be understood for its maintenance.

Major Types

Among these six types, most tough one is the buffalo grass, as this grass has the ability to survive in any type of weather and temperature. And not just that it also has the ability to grow in many different types of soil. SO it also means that it does not require regular water to grow up. If you will not mow them for a long time then it will grow to the maximum of 12 inches, and they are coloured as green-blue. Buffalo grass has a great benefit if you want it on your lawn, and that is it stops any kind of weed to grow in your lawn. Furthermore, all you need to do is to water it once a week and mow them once after 14 days.

St. Augustine Grass

Next comes the St. Augustine Grass, and this is the grass which you can see almost everywhere in Florida in houses and even in parks and gardens. The reason that why this grass is so much preferred is because just like the buffalo grass this one also has a high tolerance level. As this grass would stay green even at high temperatures. And even if this grass is not being watered for a long time period then still it would not put any effect on to it. And that is the major reason for these 2 types, for most being used everywhere in the Florida.

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