Keep Your Carpet Clean to Freshen the Air in Your Home


No one wants to walk into his or her home only to be greeted by stale indoor air. Because most people have a sensitive, if not keen, sense of smell, keeping the indoor air fresh bodes well for your health. One way to keep the air pleasant-smelling is by mixing pure lemon juice with water. Add the concoction to a pump bottle and spray it around the house when needed. You can also freshen the air by cutting a lemon in half and placing it cut-side-up in a bowl.

Using Essential Oils

You might also consider using essential oils. Add a few drops of an essential oil to a glass bowl filled with water. Doing so will freshen the air in seconds. You can also use an oil burner to improve the smell of indoor air.

Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

In addition to the above suggestions, you should have your carpet cleaned once or twice a year by Birmingham carpet cleaners. By having your carpet deep-cleaned, the allergens in the fibres and air will also be removed as they are micro-sized particles that cannot be eliminated by vacuuming alone.

After your carpet is professionally cleaned, you need to make it a practice to vacuum your carpet’s heavily-travelled spots at least twice a week and the other carpeted areas weekly. Also, never over-dampen the carpet as doing so can lead to brownout, adhesion issues, and carpet shrinkage.

Keep Your Carpet Looking Pristine and the Air Smelling Fresh

Not only does carpet cleaning keep your carpet looking pristine but it also literally makes you breathe easier. When you deep-clean your carpet and vacuum it regularly, you remove dust mites and particulate, both of which sour the smell of a home and increase the incidence of allergies.

So, use all the above suggestions to make your home a cleaner-smelling and more pleasant place to live. Also, remember that your upholstery also collects dirt and residue just as your rugs do. Therefore, make sure you have it regularly cleaned along with the carpet.

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