Keep Allergens out of Your Home – Permanent Solution



Sometimes regular cleaning isn’t enough to keep allergens out of your home. You dust and sweep, but you still find yourself sneezing and struggling to breathe. If you feel like you’re doing everything in your power to improve but can’t win, consider trying these home improvement techniques. Some are more substantial than others, but the intervention can help in a way dusting never will.

Identify and Kill Mold

You can find mold in almost any bathroom, whether it’s a small pink ring around the sink or mildew growing from a towel that hasn’t been touched. A must-have for any cleaning closet is mold killer, which targets the spores better than your average cleaner. If mold continues to be a problem, identify the reason. Is there not enough air circulation? Does the room stay damp because of a closed door? Eliminating the source should clear up the problem.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC unit is responsible for the air flow throughout your house and can easily become the main culprit that fills your space with allergens. On top of regularly changing your air filters, set up appointments with an HVAC specialist least twice a year to clean and maintain your system. The technician will check the hoses and pressure to make sure the system is functioning as well as clean the system’s inner workings. If you’re still worried about allergens, ask your local technician about getting a more advanced filter that traps smaller particles.

Remove Soft Flooring and Window Treatments

Your carpet and curtains are full of nooks where allergens can settle. If you aren’t able to shampoo or deep clean your flooring regularly, consider switching to hardwood or tile floors. This way you can mop up the dust and leave the pollen and other allergens with no place to hide.

If complete remodeling isn’t an option, make sure you vacuum regularly to catch lingering allergens before they build up and become a serious problem. Many vacuum cleaners specialize in allergen removal, and it may be worth the investment to upgrade yours.

Limit the Allergens Tracked in From the Outside

Your kids and pets are huge culprits for tracking allergens into the house. To prevent this, install mats for your kids to wipe their feet on outside your home, and ask them to remove their shoes and coats once they’re inside. Before touching anything, teach them to wash their hands once they enter the house, so they don’t spread pollen on everything they touch.

For pets, wipe down their paws before letting them inside, and consider wiping them down with a damp cloth to remove most of the allergens. You don’t want to vacuum the carpet only to watch Fido flop down in the middle of the floor covered in dirt. If your pets are one of the causes for your allergies, keep them out of the bedroom so you at least get a good night’s sleep.

Your allergies may never go away completely, but these steps will go a long way toward reducing them while eliminating cleaning time.

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