Is staging a home really important


When you are in the market to sell your home, most real estate agents will tell you that you need to stage your home to make a sale fast and also to get the real worth. But most people do not understand how staging works, most of us believe that we are selling ‘as is’ and the buyer can make any changes he wants. I was one of the people who though so and I was very wrong.

I was in the market to sell my house a year ago. I needed to sell fast as we wanted to move to a bigger home and I was already juggling with my finances. I met many real estate agents and I was very confident of closing the sale fast. I knew that the house was good, I was staying there, so I was sure a buyer would feel secure that the house is good as the owner himself is staying with his family. Most of the real estate agents after seeing my property asked me to stage the home for a faster sale. I ignored them, I was sure of my property and I was sure somebody would buy it as soon as it was put up for sale. Sadly, after 4 months I came to the conclusion that I had to stage my home and believe it or not after staging my house I was able to close the deal within 2 months. If you are new to staging and if you want to know how I did it, here goes:

  • I read a lot about staging a house, you should too and possibly you are, if you are reading this article. There are many tips that many experienced people have given out there and each and every tip will help you make a sale.
  • Next I set about improving the appeal of the curb. The leaves were raked, the lawn was mowed, the walls were painted and most importantly the main door and garage doors were also painted.
  • A real estate agent advised me that a prospective buyer should mentally move in to the home and only then would the sale happen fast. Immediately I took the excess furniture to a storage unit near me and stored it there. With most of the furniture gone, the buyer was able to envision placing his furniture in the home and I feel that this was the main reason for a fast sale.
  • My kitchen faucet was dripping for months and I had not set my mind to replace it. The kitchen being one of the main rooms I took extra care to ensure that all the appliances were in working order. Plus I ensured that biscuits were baked so that a sweet smell was around when the buyer walked in. The buyer was suitably impressed after he took a bite of the perfectly baked biscuit.
  • I also ensured the bathroom was clean.

These are some of the steps I took to stage my home and I was able to sell fast.

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