Is It Really Cheaper to Hire Your Friends to Help You Move?


Moving is expensive and stressful. You have to spend your money boxing, moving, loading, and unloading your things. If you’re moving far away, you have even more expenses you have to think about. When moving, people often attempt to mitigate the costs by hiring their friends to help them move. Oftentimes, they’ll pay their friends with food and drinks to save money. However, it doesn’t save as much money as you think. In fact, hiring professionals is probably cheaper in the long run. Here is how.

Boxes, Tape, and Supplies

The first thing you have to pay for when you’re moving is moving material: the boxes and tape and other supplies you’ll need to pack up your life. These can actually get pretty expensive, depending on where you purchase them. That’s also the first place you can save money when you’re hiring professional removalists. Professionals tend to offer free or low-rate boxes when you sign on with them. It’s in their best interests that you’re all neatly and carefully boxed up.

Moving Trucks

If you have more stuff than fits in the back of your car, you’re going to need a moving truck. Hiring a moving truck can be incredibly expensive. When you hire professionals for your removals, you don’t have to worry about securing, insuring, or driving a moving truck.

Damaged or Lost Items

It’s nearly impossible to move without damaging or without losing at least one thing. You do everything you can to make sure nothing gets damaged, but it’s almost a guarantee. However, with professional removalists, you could feasibly move everything into your house without a single lost or damaged item. Moreover, if something unfortunate does happen, they are insured to replace or pay for your items.

It might seem like moving yourself is going to save you money but in the long run, it will probably end up being more expensive.

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