Is a Kit Home Right for You?


Since the home market throughout the country is tight, it can be difficult to buy a new house if you need more room for your growing family. Instead of selling their homes and buying new ones, many people are opting to add onto their existing properties. However, that can be time consuming and expensive, unless you consider a kit home.

Types of Kit Homes

A kit home is essentially a prefabricated house that is assembled on property you own, and the kit comes with all of the components that are needed to construct a house. There are generally two types of kit homes, those with a timber frame and steel framed homes. The type you choose will usually depend on where you live and the frequency of bushfires in the area.

Some kit homes come with the basic components for building a house, but you may have to buy some of the other necessities, like the kitchen sink, toilets, and other fixtures, in order to complete it. However, you may also choose from kits that are ‘turn-key’ and include everything a home needs, including the window treatments and ceiling fans. The landscaping of the property may also be included with these kits.

Kit Home Styles

Just like traditionally constructed houses, kit homes come in a wide variety of styles. Many people have kit homes built on their property for elderly parents to live in, which are referred to as granny flats. However, you can also choose from larger home designs for your entire family to live in, and many builders have one and two-storey designs. In addition, some builders will customise their designs for Australia kit homes in Perth for clients.

Uses for Kit Homes

There are many reasons why someone may want to buy a kit home, including using it for elderly family members who need to be close so you can care for them, but who still desire some privacy. Some ranchers or mining companies use kit homes to put up single-family homes or barracks for the people who work for them, especially if they are located a long way from the nearest town. A kit home can be put up quickly and, if needed, it can be taken down once it has served its purpose.

With the high cost of new housing, many people are opting to have kit homes assembled instead of choosing traditionally built houses. Not only are kit homes less expensive, but they can be assembled in just a few days, and the buyers can move in soon after it has been put up. With traditional construction methods, it can be several months before the house is ready to move into, especially if you have bought a house in a new planned community.

Some people will have a small kit home built on their property to rent out so they can generate additional income. Since many companies design kit homes, you have a wide variety of styles to select from, no matter what the reason for buying one.

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