Irrigation Controllers


These are the systems that moisture agricultural crops, lawns, landscapes, golf courses among others. They include lawn sprinklers and drip irrigation. When using this irrigation system one can set the frequency of irrigation, start time and the duration of watering. The water is distributed on pumps, valves, pipes, and sprinklers. The lawn irrigation controllers are the brain of your sprinkler system. This irrigation system performs the following functions:

  1. Clock Timer

It provides you with the basic time measurements by which schedules will be executed. This is by setting up the number of minutes you would like to water your lawn every week.

  1. 2. Calendar timer.

This enables you to schedule the days in which the system will operate. That is how many days in a week will you irrigate your lawn.

  1. Station time setting.

This allows a definition of start time and duration for each watering schedule. That is the start and the end time period.

  1. Manual start.

This function allows you to set the automatic cycle without disturbing the starting time.

Eventually, you will find complex lawns and simple ones. The complex ones take into account the weather conditions, landscape designs, and plant usage. One is also able to connect the sprinkler with the PC and adjust his or her system timer automatically in any location. The irrigation controllers can be victimized for different purposes such as residential, industrial and agricultural usage.

  • Industrial

The high-pressure sprinkler move in circles. They are drawn by a sphere take, pitch take or an impact sprinkler. One can design them in a way that they revolve in replete or in the food circle. Most of these sprinklers are interred under the ground and they run electronically. They operate in high-pressure speed between 275kpa to 900 kph and flows range of 50 us gal/min to 1200 us gal/min.

  • residential

Home lawn irrigation controllers vary in their dimension complexity and the monetary value. They comprise wallop sprinklers, dribble sprinklers, underground sprinklers and movable sprinklers. They are established with pleasing and pragmatic heads which reduce harm during lawn moving. These systems can be scheduled to mechanically begin on a fixed time and day every week. The little movable sprinklers can be temporarily located on the lawns if extra watering is required or when there is no longer fixed system put in place. These are often allocated to the outside water faucet and placed for a short period of time. There are formally systems that may be installed permanently on the ground or attached to a home plumbing machine that runs with timers which can be automatically programmed with specific start time or any day of the week you prefer to water your lawn.

  • Agricultural usage

These are sprinklers used in cultivation by farmers. They are costly to keep but the rolling pipes irrigation system is commonly used by large-scale farmers. The wheels of this sprinkler are connected to the pipes and the sprinkler head move easily over the field.

In conclusion, the lawn irrigation controller is a good sprinkler system. This is because they enable you to add features such as weather sensors and timers. The weather sensor is a nice and because it enables you to save on water ratio by switching off the sprinkler during rainy weather conditions and restart it after the rainy season has passed. During that rainy period, you can do a maintenance checkup of your sprinkler system By either upgrading or repairing the machine.

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