International Movers in Brazil – How to Find the Best


Brazil is one of the most popular countries for expats from around the globe. No matter what continent you look at, you won’t find so many people who think of moving abroad and not at least taking Brazil into consideration. There are many reasons for that. First, it’s one of the fastest growing BRICKS countries, with predictions for further development. Second, it has great people, great beaches, great carnivals and great football players. Third, regardless of what your interests are, or what you might be looking for, you will surely have an opportunity to satisfy all your needs in Brazil. If you are among those people who think of moving to Brazil, we suggest you don’t start with the excitement just yet. First, you need to arrange everything, and international movers in Brazil will help a lot!

Take our advise- don’t try a DIY move to Brazil. It takes too much energy, too much time, and it can cost a lot more than if you hire a moving company to help you relocate home to Brazil. Besides this, the comfort and the relaxedness you will enjoy while having international movers doing the hard work is something that should make you decide to hire a moving company, rather than bother with all the difficult tasks every international move brings.

Only the best movers are good enough for an international move

What to look for when searching for international movers?

When moving home knowing what to look for when hiring movers is quite an important matter, regardless of the distance of your move. But it becomes especially important when it comes to long distance or international relocation. Not because the movers should pack your belongings differently, but because the potential costs are way higher when it comes to long distance moves or relocations of international character. Having this in mind, you should:

  • Pay attention to the safety first – Make sure to avoid moving scams, hire only experienced movers employing the best international moving professionals in Brazi
  • Be very demanding when it comes to service quality – Check on the equipments; find out all about the vehicles and supplies, read the reviews…
  • Count the overall costs – Get precise moving quotes from multiple moving companies, so you could know what service for international relocations from Brazil offers the best terms

How to secure the safe relocation?

Yes, hiring movers is the first step you should take when moving abroad, but can you be sure your relocation will be safe by simply hiring movers? Surely no. Have in mind that there are so many moving scams. As we said, running into a trouble while moving home is a terrible thing even when moving across the street. Having troubles on an international move can make a nightmare of your life. So be very careful and wisely choose your moving company.

  • Ask your friends whether or not they can recommend some reliable moving company. Some of them might have family or friends in Brazil, who could make suggestions on which moving companies are the best.
  • Go online and search for moving companies. Every reliable and reputable international moving company in Brazil has a website with complete information about the address, licensure, equipment, services etc.
  • Read the reviews. But use reputable websites for that, given that there are so many reviews websites with false reviews, mostly created by the companies themselves.
  • Check whether or not there were accusations of a moving scam. You should give up on each company that seems suspicious.
  • Find out if they have sufficient experience in moving people abroad. It’s essential for an easy and comfortable relocation.

After you picked your companies and checked their background, you can continue to comparing their services and prices.

Safety – The most important matter when searching for international movers in Brazil

How to evaluate the quality of international moving services?

Reading the reviews, asking previous customers about their experiences and discussing all important details with the company you consider hiring are some options. You should also check how the company guarantees for the safety of your belongings. Do they offer a moving insurance? If yes, what does that insurance cover? You must make absolutely sure that, in any case, no matter what happened, you are fully ensured. Suffering financial losses during the international move could cause serious troubles for you and for your family.

How to stay on a budget while moving home?

Hiring affordable movers is probably the best way to do that, given that it is the major component of your overall moving costs. This is why we suggest you pay attention to details. Consult each moving company you consider hiring and:

  • Get the list of moving services they offer – Check whether or not they adjust their services to your needs.
  • Require a precise moving quote – And ask for a contract with all the details, including the estimated moving price.
  • Find out all about additional costs– Avoid hiring movers without information whether or not they will charge you extra for some additional services that you might need.


A good balance helps you stay on a budget while moving abroad

After you got all these essential details, compare the companies and hire the one offering exactly those services you need at the price that fits your budget.

There are international moving companies in Brazil offering full-service move at affordable prices. But, why would you pay for some services you don’t need? This is why we strongly recommend hiring those moving companies that fully adjust their services to your particular needs. This is the only way to make sure your company is the most affordable one.

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