Installing Plywood Siding


Everyone wants to install the best siding to their house. Some people install fiber cement siding, wood fiber siding or other sidings but plywood siding is one of the most popular sidings. People prefer plywood siding because it gives a beautiful look to the house and makes it look attractive. Plywood siding is made of many plywood sheets attached to make a string plywood siding. It protects the building from getting damaged due to strains and pressure. Plywood siding protects the house from damages that storms bring towards it. Plywood siding are also used as decorative siding that decorates the exterior of the house. It has different designs that can enhance the beauty of the houses. It is not a tough job to install plywood siding. People can do it with easily by themselves. They just need the tools required for the installation of plywood siding and the technique to install the siding to the exterior of their house.

Steps for the installation of plywood siding:

Following are the steps for the installation of plywood siding.

Selecting the plywood thickness:

The plywood siding is available in different sizes and styles. It has a wide range of thickness in which different plywood sheets are attached. Some thin plywood sidings make the house look beautiful when installed but they cannot survive in the bad weather and can be damaged easily. Installing a thicker plywood siding that is weather resistant is very nice and attractive. It can easily survive in bad weather and protect the house too. The thicker plywood siding is also durable. So, people should select the thicker plywood siding for the exterior of their houses that can bear the different weather extremities and protect the home for a long period.

Sealing the corners and edges of the house:

When you are going to install the plywood siding, first seal all the windows, doors or any area from where the air or water can pass that can cause the growth of fungus behind the siding of the house. Seal all the doors and windows well and protect your home from the damages that can be occurred due to water or air. The foam insulation is also installed that never let the air pass through it. In this way, the plywood siding can exist on the exterior of the house without getting damaged.

Installing plywood siding:

When you have sealed all the areas through which the air can pass, you need to install the plywood siding. Take the thicker plywood siding that you have selected and start the installation from the bottom of the house and come upward doing the same process. After that, you need to fix the siding with nails. When you are nailing the siding keep it straight. It will give enough strength to the siding that you have installed around the building of your house.

Give finishing to the installation process:

When you are installing the plywood siding be sure to use caulk on the surrounding area that is water resistant as well as wind resistant. It will protect the house from any damage due to heavy rain or storm.

So, these are the steps that are very important when installing the plywood siding around the building of the house. The good selection of siding will enhance the beauty of the house as well as it provides excellent protection from weather extremities as it is durable. If sidings of your house are damaged and beyond repair and you want to replace them then you really need to contact professional siding contractors canton Michigan for cost estimation.

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