Installing A Bi-Fold Door Handle


The handle is usually the last thing which is installed at the bi-fold door. Once the door is hinged, installed and put into its place, it is then that you have to think of the handle you will be using it and how you will be going around that. When it is time to work with the handle installation, there are two things you can do.

You can either have the same company that worked with the door installation take care of this task for you or you take things in your own hands and tries getting your hands dirty to do this on your own.

Either way, handle installation is not much of a high-precision job, but the right placement of the handle will ensure that opening and closing of the door doesn’t require excessive force on your part.

What you need

The best way to begin is to have all the things that you might need to be assembled right in front of you so that while working you are not seen running around looking for tools. So, here is what you will need to get the job done for you:

  • A pencil
  • A ruler big enough to measure the lengths of feet easily
  • A drill with the right sized bit attached
  • The handle in itself which you have selected after bringing all points into If you want help choosing the right handle for the bi-fold doors, then try looking for the ones by Debar. They deal with only the best and the finest quality materials that there are.

Let’s get started

Placing the door handle on the bi-fold doors is a one-man job. It is simple and doesn’t really require much technique, to begin with. So, even if you have remotely worked with these tools and know how to use them properly, it is something you can do yourself even.

Unlike the normal door, the handle of the bi-fold door has a lot to do with the aesthetics. So, be very precise, and through with every hole, you drill in the door.

  1. Take the ruler and start by measuring 36 inches from the bottom of the door in the vertical If you have more than one doors that open up, this process will be repeated for them all.
  2. Next, take the pencil to mark those points clearly.
  3. Carefully drill your way through the marked positions to go all the way through it.
  4. Now weave the handle through these holes and screw it into its place tightly to get things done.

However, depending on the type of handle you decide to go with, the actual process of handle placement may vary. If what you are holding in your hand seems more technical than what you are comfortable with then it is better than you have the experts take care of it for you. They will get it done within minutes without inflicting any damage to your door or handle itself.

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