An Informative Guide to Learn About Intellectual Property Theft


Intellectual property refers to all your ideas, concepts, designs and website layout that are an integral part of your business. This is the property that gives you earnings. If you find that anyone has stolen or used your intellectual property without asking for your permission, then the best thing would be to ask that person to stop it. Sometimes, the problem gets solved by just a letter or a call. If it doesn’t stop, then you may need to take legal action.

What to do in case of an intellectual property theft?

If you find that your intellectual property has been used by someone else even after protecting it from trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets, then it is very important to take necessary and quick action. To deal with the case, you would require knowledge about the rights of intellectual property owner and recourse in different areas.

Taking help of an experienced IP attorney can really be helpful for IP owners in assessing their legal options and the type of legal steps that they should take. An IP lawyer will prepare a desist and cease letter to be sent to the offender so that he stops violating the intellectual property that belongs to someone else.

This letter has following objectives:

  • The type of intellectual property has been infringed
  • Exact nature of infringement
  • Remedial action as needed by the IP owner to be performed by the offender
  • Reasonable time frame to expect a response from the offender

Protection of online copyright infringement

Owners of intellectual property have remedial method under the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” (DMCA). The law lets copyright owners to send notices to the infringer of copyright website, advertising networks as well as to different search engines that serve the website.

The content of this letter states the infringing content, URL address of the content, and the remedial measures as required by the copyright owner. Intellectual property lawyers are well versed with the conceptual and working knowledge of intellectual property and assist in protecting it on behalf of their clients.

Protection of patents

Patents are generally issued by the USPTO. The owner of the patent, who is sure that some external entity has obtained a patent that violates on his/her patent can submit a request or reexamination to the governmental body that has granted it i.e., USPTO.

On obtaining the request, the patent examining professionals will perform a thorough review of the alleged infringing patent. Based on the review they will discuss it with the patent owner and form the next course of remedial action.  


Intellectual property can be protected by way of copyrights, patents and trademarks. With proper knowledge of intellectual property and ways to protect it, you can ensure the safety of your intellectual property from any outside entity. Obtaining a trusted legal advice for safeguarding intellectual property is one of the efficient ways to deal with the problem till it leads to a huge loss in terms of customer base, sales, and revenue of your company.  

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