Inexpensive ways to add charm to the house


There may be no idiom more accurate than that old saying,“Home is where the heart is.” Bad days, good days and everything in between, the home is at the coreof our lives. In many ways, the home characterizes the lifestyle of its owners, like these

homes in the Rosecrest community. From the landscape to the color of the walls, a home is so much more than a place of shelter. It’s a place to build memories and strengthen family relationships. It’s the place where you’ll raise your family and passed along through generations.

If you walk through the door without a smile or gleaming sense of comfort, something just isn’t right. If you believe that your home may be suffering from charm-deficiency, consider adding these inexpensive tips that are sure to spread positive vibes and character.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

Salvage yards can easily suffer from a negative stigma. However, there are dozens ofvintage wood pieces all around the lot that are sure to add a sense of coziness. If you don’t mind strapping on the tool bet and putting down some elbow grease, salvage yards can offer you a field day of interior choices—just be sure to not leave your creativity in the car.


Visit a local stone yard to explore how these straps of granite or marble might fit into your home. Refurbishing items in your house is always cheaper than replacing them. The economical value of buying from stone yards is that many owners have virtually no use for their vacant slaps of high-priced materials. Perfect your pitch and visit a local stone yard today.

Porch Seating

After a long day, what’s better than curling up on couch with a good book or glass of under the sun setting sky? Sometimes the simplest changes can have the biggest impacts. If you have no room for old furniture or if you’re considering tossing them out all together, try putting them out on the front porch and see if it doesn’t add a comforting element to your home.

The Power of Wood

Adding woodwork to just about any room seems to always make it more charming than it previously was. It doesn’t have to be expensive wood either. Low-cost lumber is available at your disposal. The simple addition of a headboard or floating shelf can have a dramatic effect on the room’s identify.

Install Wainscoting 

With proper placement and subtle texturing, any wall can become a campus of charm.The elegant trim of wainscoting can spruce up just about any area in the home. Using pieces of salvaged wood, char rail height paneling is an ingenuous interior technic that easily adds depth and charm to any room.


Don’t put all your creative energy into the inside of your home. Shutters are a wonderful idea to add a cottage-like feel to your home with its timeless look. Build them, salvage them or buy them if you must, shutters simply ooze with charm.

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