Incense Burners as Home Decorations


In today’s civilization, we are constantly on the move. The days are endless and strenuous. Our plans barely leave ample time for sleep. A spiritually decorated house or workplace will provide you that much-needed lifeline, a link to something bigger than yourself to help you put it all in perspective. It does not have to be a pompous display but something simplistic and elegantly and offers that hope and peace filling the home based on what is essential to you.

Significance of Incense Burners and Decoration Across Various Faiths

Many religions have practices that demand ornaments of some sort as a blessing for the house and those who live within. Incense burners are an accent that is also extremely practical. Burning incense is a normal part of many faiths and using them to purify the air with various fragrances can be seen as a sort of aromatherapy in most cases.

The application of smudge sticks can assist this purpose and they are usually set into a gorgeous case made of abalone another variety of rock. These sticks are produced of sage and cedar both said to have distinguished spiritual consequence.

Arrangement of furniture and colors are very essential in spiritual design. The Chinese technique of Feng Shui was originated from the notion that the earth is alive and you can adjust the objects in your house to dispel negative spirits while at the same time directing the good spirits into it. Feng Shui Fountains are perfect for the living room or kitchen area.

That is what spiritual decorating is about designing your house so that the scheme promotes self-expression, creativity, and religious wholeness. Look for things when decorating that incorporates this and have an attraction to the other senses as well.

Different Decorative Styles of Incense Burners Available in the Market

When you think of incense burners, you presumably think of the various common ash catcher style, a flat section of wood with solely drilled holes to secure the incense. These simple incense burners are classic, and an exceptional way to secure your incense, but there’s an entire world of beautiful and unique incense burners to pick from.

Incense burners come in all shapes, styles, and colors imaginable. There are incense burners for coil incense, stick incense, and resin incense. You needn’t put incense burners aside or duck them in a corner. The burners themselves can be an exceptional focal point in your decoration. There are incense burner bowls, cases, bottles, sculptures, carvings, and hangings. From intricately individual, to sleek and uncomplicated, there’s an incense burner to resemble your decor and set the precise mood.

The features and purposes of the incense burners involve creating a comfortable, relaxing, and calm environment easily in just a few moments which you can then appreciate. It aids in purifying the air around you, relieves you of any exhaustion or anxiety, and calms your sensations. It also helps spark motivation and helps you sleep properly at night.

Incense burners can be utilized as decorations on a variety of events and they make the atmosphere more comfortable and pleasant. Incense burners are perfect for use in your bedroom as it assists to set a romantic mood with your companion. It can also be used in the living room to spread positive vibes all around the house. Incense burners can virtually be used in all places including offices, hotels, SPA, yoga rooms, and study rooms. They help achieve positivity and serve as wonderful decoration pieces even without the incense.

These days there are many varieties of incense burners available in the market from waterfall incense burners in which the smoke falls down the chambers and give the illusion of a waterfall to handmade wooden incense burners that look beautiful and decorate the environment in their way. Other types include metallic ash catchers with beautiful and elegant engraving. For people who like ancient statues and figures, there are incense burners available for them in ancient statues such as dragons and other ancient figures.

Of course, the most attractive incense burner is one you can make yourself. Just choose a heat-resistant container in whatever material and design interests you most. It can be a simplistic terra cotta container or a detailed engraved bowl. Fill the bowl with sufficient sand to hold up an incense stick. Then decorate by installing any non-flammable stuff on top of the sand. Seashells, river stones, and sea glass are all great options for decorating your incense bowl.

Incense burners can also be used as a fabulous gift because of their excellent product presentation, practical purposes, and beautifying nature. They serve as a fabulous present for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, House warming, and Birthday. They help as a token and symbol of appreciation and enhance the surroundings perfectly.

How to Decorate Incense Burners Inside Homes, Offices Etc.

There are a lot of areas where the incense burner can be set for decorating the indoors. In a Bedroom, the most suitable spot to set the incense burner is the bedside table. In an office, the reception space is the best place to place the incense burner because then everyone coming into the office can smell the incense and instantly get into a positive work mode. In a study room, the incense burner can be placed on one edge of the study table so that it looks nice and decorative and keeps you energized through its positive energy.

There are virtually unlimited ways in which you can decorate your house with the help of incense burners. It all depends on your level of creativity and decorative imagination. Some people like to use only one incense burner to decorate a part of their house or workspace and keep it minimal while others like to use several burners to decorate their house and spread them all over. It all differs from one person to the other and what one person finds attractive to look at. Nevertheless, incense burners will always be a wonderful decorative item that will make your indoors look evermore beautiful.

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