Important Things to Note When Buying Outdoor Patio Umbrellas


Patio umbrellas are mainly used to shade users from the sun. These come in several designs, size and shape. Selection of an outdoor patio is very crucial. A right umbrella creates an enchanting and welcoming patio. At the same time, a wrong umbrella can lead to an unwelcoming sight in a disorganized patio. Though there is no fixed rule that would get a perfect patio umbrella for you, it majorly depends on the preferences of a homeowner. The key to selection of patio umbrellas is to identify your needs and expectation from it.

In this article, we will provide you some valuable tips that will get you the most appropriate umbrella.

patio umbrellas

Choose the Best Size

These umbrellas come in various size and shape to suit the space in the best possible way. Size selection is very important. If you choose a small size then there are chances that you get sunlight in place of shade. On the contrary, a too large size umbrella would diminish the appealing and attractive look you are trying to create.

What one can do is to measure the area where you wish to put the table. As a standard, the size of an umbrella should at least equal to the width of the table.  People who have limited space can go for a wall-mounted outdoor patio umbrella in place of an umbrella that has a surface plate or ground anchor.

Get the right height

The height of an outdoor umbrella should be such that it conveniently accommodates tall adults. Don’t go for too tall umbrellas otherwise, it will not give you the feel of a welcoming décor. An average umbrella comes with a height of seven to eight foot. So access your requirement and based on it select an umbrella with the right height.

Get the right Tilt function

As the sun shifts during the day, many of the umbrellas in the market have a special tilt function. This feature allows a person to adjust the angle of their umbrella effectively to enjoy coverage from the sun rays for a maximum period. The tilt function is offered in different styles such as a collar, push button and auto-tilt.

Selecting the appropriate fabric

Fabric determines the quality of shade, durability and appearance of your umbrella. There are different types of fabrics available such as breathable fabrics that give coolness in the hot summer season, UV-resistant fabric that obstructs the harmful sun rays from penetrating through it.

Select the best umbrella that suits your usage

Know about the place where you are going to install the umbrella. If you are looking for commercial purposes, then buy those with removable handles so only your employees can operate them. If you want them to lounge on your patio throughout the day, then go for an umbrella that can easily be titled and rotated at 360 degrees.

People in residential and commercial properties would greatly feel benefited from these amazing umbrellas. It helps in making the outdoor areas very functional. So follow these tips to improve the beauty of any location aesthetically.

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