Most Important Steps When you Find a Leak


Plumbing is a necessity in the modern household; it ensures you have water at all your sinks and heating round your home.  Unfortunately, when you spring a leak in your plumbing system it can quickly have a detrimental effect on your home.  It is important to be prepared before you experience an issue with your plumbing; this will ensure you know just what to do when it happens and can react quickly; minimizing the damage caused by water cascading into your home.

It is important to note that some issues are beyond your control, but by having an emergency response plan you will be ready to deal with anything that happens.  If you need further advice regarding the best response plan to adopt you can consult with Regina plumbing firm Smile Heating & Cooling Inc who will be happy to help.

Your emergency response plan should follow these steps:


Before you have an emergency it is essential to work your way round your home and locate all the water valves.  There will be one main valve outside the house or where the water enters the house.  This will shut all the water to your home.  Isolating valves will be fitted close to the plumbing equipment in the home and prevent the supply of water to just one tap or machine.  Knowing where these are will allow you to shut off the water to just the affected parts of the system


To help avoid the plumbing emergency it is advisable to choose a Regina plumbing firm which will undertake a survey of your home and will be easily contactable if you do need them in an emergency.  The best Regina plumbing firms will also have payment plan options and assist in locating finance if you need it.

Dealing with a leak

If you have a leak it will probably be apparent by the amount of water which is starting to appear in a specific part of your home.  The first response you should do is to shut the water off.  Ideally you should isolate only part of the system and not the entire water supply.

Calling a Regina Plumbing firm

Whilst it is possible that you can repair the fault you will be likely to have better and faster results if you ask a professional Regina plumbing firm for assistance.  You should have the necessary contact details ready from your planning stage.

You will need to call the Regina plumbing firm’s emergency response line if you have had to shut the water off to your entire home.  They will be able to either fix the problem or temporarily cap the offending area and give you water to the rest of your home.  

If you have isolated the leaking area you should be able to afford to wait until standard hours to call for a Regina plumbing firm; this will reduce the bill you are likely to receive.

It is worth noting that sometimes a leak will only become apparent due to high water bills and that the leak may actually be from within your buried pipes.  Your Regina plumbing firm will be able to assist you with locating and dealing with this much more difficult repair job.

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