The Most Important Safety Feature in Your Car


Your brakes are the most important safety feature in your car, and they’re completely in your control. That’s what sets your brakes apart from other features in your car. Your car probably has airbags, traction control, and other kinds of safety features. Those are all programmed by the manufacturer and controlled by your car’s computer. The brakes are how the driver brings the car to a stop; because of that vitality, they have to be absolutely reliable.

Dangers to Your Brakes

Whether you’re driving a small car or an industrial truck, your vehicle is incredibly heavy. Your brakes work by putting friction on the rotors to bring the tires to a stop. That puts an incredible amount of strain on your brakes. While they’re designed to handle it, that kind of strain wears on just about any system. The brakes that respond to the pedal are hydraulic, responding to pressure placed on different hydraulic cylinders. They’re made with a fairly complex hydraulics system that involves several different components; having a bunch of different components means that there are a lot more chances for something to go wrong. That’s why most cars come equipped with an emergency brake. In certain places, they’re also called control brakes or parking brakes. These are mechanical brakes instead of cable brakes.

How the Emergency Brake Works

Unlike the hydraulic braking system, the emergency brake consists of a cable that runs directly from the braking mechanism to a hand lever or a foot pedal in the car. It is typically only used to stop the rear tires, which can cause a loss of traction. It’s also not nearly as powerful as the normal braking system, so if your normal brakes are working, you shouldn’t rely on your hand brakes. A rear tire skid is very hard to control, and that’s usually the result of engaging the system while rolling. However, in an emergency, it can be the thing that saves your life. That’s why it’s so important to have a sturdy, reliable cable connecting your brakes to your hand lever. Any type of stretching, flexing, or bending in the cable could put you in serious danger. Custom cables in Melbourne are designed by skilled professionals to fit every vehicle need.

Custom Systems

Some people choose a custom system because they don’t drive a standard vehicle. That could mean that you drive some kind of aftermarket car that is more powerful than it was when it came from the factory. If it is significantly more powerful than before, you might need a stronger cable to make sure you can stop it when it’s at speed. If you haul a lot of material in your vehicle, you might need a stronger cable to hold it when you’re parked on a hill. A factory brake cable can stretch if you use it to hold a heavy vehicle still for a long enough time. A purpose-built cable will suit all your high-pressure needs.

Your brakes are incredibly important. Don’t skimp on your emergency brake cables.

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