Importance of Hiring a Kitchen Designer


The kitchen truly is the heart of every home. If you’re building your dream home or planning for a renovation, it’s important to pay extra attention to this space. While doing the designing on your own is not bad, hiring a Kitchen Designer San Diego is better as they can map things out. From finding the best materials to creating a good floor layout, these professionals can deliver.

Here’s the importance of hiring a professional kitchen designer:

Seamless Solutions

One of the biggest factors affecting the efficiency in the kitchen is the floor space. With a very limited space, you can’t possibly purchase as many free-standing appliances you want or even install center island counters. Now, the work of a designer comes into play as they think of seamless solutions to put things together. They design smart storages in between cabinets and even make space look bigger and wider.

To put it simply, experts understand the need of each client and provide custom solutions to maximize every square meter.

Systematic Planning

Before the construction or renovation starts, designers carefully plan the budget, timeframe and contingencies. Scheduling of tradesman, deliveries and installation become really expensive when not planned properly, hence, the need for systematic planning.

Contingency planning is also essential to give way for solutions in case issues show up. Aside from plumbing, electrical systems and structural damages must be taken into account.

Heightened Safety

In the kitchen, electrical, plumbing and gas work near each other. With a good planning, you can enjoy your kitchen without worries. You and your family can do your normal routine and prepare meals with ease knowing that nothing will go wrong.

Product Knowledge

The San Diego kitchen designer will only recommend products they have confidence in. With years of experience remodeling houses, they know which materials are great investments. They will provide both the pros and cons of using a certain material for you to properly decide.

For example, in center islands, others like to use marble because of its luxurious look and smooth surface. However, this is expensive and is not totally scratch-proof. Professionals will give you options to choose from and guide you along the way.

Steps to Complete the Kitchen Renovation

One company stands out when it comes to kitchen design. Studio Stratton offers complete interior design services throughout California. Their promise of top-tier kitchen design only involved two major processes:

  1. Consultation and Measurements

They will sit down with you, understand your needs and set design limitations. After that, measurements will be taken, and then they will provide a preliminary sketch in accordance to your budget. A design agreement will also be talked about, which gives you access to resources and networks.

  1. Construction and Finishing Details

A general contractor will take charge during the construction. All your concerns will be addressed, and a final inspection will be done to check the details.

All in all, hiring a kitchen designer not only provide efficiency but also value to your home. Hire only the best to ensure enhanced safety, long-lasting installations and functional design.

Author: Carrie Sze

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