Importance Of Hiring A Professional For The Construction Of Pole Buildings Illinois


Constructing a pole building is an ambitious task irrespective of the purpose for the construction. This is because it requires extensive knowledge in engineering, design and codes to make a strong structure that can last for up to 80 years. Pole buildings Illinois may be residential homes, backyard garages, horse barns, farm buildings, open hay barns, pavilions or equipment storage buildings. It is important to hire an experienced contractor to handle the construction.

What are Pole Barns and Post Frames?

Pole barns and post frames both refer to pole buildings. However, pole barns refer to a slightly more dated type of building. These buildings use posts (not poles) to support the building’s rafters. Over time, builders abandoned the round poles used in the past in favor of laminated columns that are stronger and allow these structures to be used for several purposes. Therefore, the term post frames is commonly used because it best describes the quality and engineering of the structure.

Pole Building Basics

Careful planning is needed to construct a strong building. Of course, the first consideration must be the size of the structure. These buildings are typically built according to increments of 10 to 12 feet. The supporting posts are firmly set deep in the ground. Here, treated timber is recommended because it is durable.

Although construction of pole buildings is quite straightforward, the design phase should only be done by experts. In addition, defects in lumber, poor construction, wind and snow loads often affect the structural integrity of many buildings.

Tips to Look Out For

Building codes. Different areas (cities or states) have different building codes. In addition, different structures also have varying codes. For example, a simple garage has different codes compared to a building that houses a retail business.

Site and weather conditions. It is important to assess the weather of the area because heavy wind and snow loads can severely affect pole buildings. In addition, the soil condition should also be checked since it will affect the materials that will be used during construction.

Engineering is a vital factor during construction. This is because construction is more than simply using strong trusses and columns, rather, it is about how the pieces are put together. For instance, a strong truss must be properly connected to an equally strong column. In turn, the column must be properly embedded deep into the ground. This results in a strong foundation. Proper engineering allows the building to withstand weather elements.

Ventilation and insulation. Post-frame buildings in suburban areas are used as living space. Therefore, it is important to have then properly insulated to keep heat in during winter and out during summer. In addition, ventilation is also required to allow free movement of air in and out. This allows the building to dispel vapors from paints or vehicle exhaust.

Layout is important. One should consider expected traffic patterns of people and animals (if applicable) as well as access for supplies and people.

Those looking to erect pole buildings Illinois should hire a professional contractor or company to handle the construction. Spending on an experienced contractor is worth it especially considering the fact that it has long term benefits.

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