The Importance of Design When Extending


Extending your property isn’t just about the extra living space, it also offers the opportunity to design the new area to your unique lifestyle, and with some expert help from interior designers, the additional living area will tick all the boxes. If your growing family needs some extra space, make sure you talk to the right construction company, and with one that really puts the emphasis on design, you and your family will get the optimum benefits from the project.

Online Solutions

The digital highway provides the perfect platform to make contact with the right contractor, and with experienced Perth home renovation builders with an online presence, you will soon be on the website of a company that is focused on building something that will be ideally suited to your lifestyle. Once you have made that initial contact, the company would send an expert to your home to discuss the many options, not just with design, materials also.

Composite Construction

Modular designs can be matched with your existing look, and as the units are prefabricated to the customer’s specifications, you will have the ideal living area, for you and your family to enjoy all the year round. There is no maintenance required with composites, and this means more time to spend doing enjoyable activities, and if you enjoy gardening, you will have more time for this.

Bespoke Creations

There’s no other way to go than having a customised extension that gives you exactly what you want, and design should be at the forefront of the building contractor’s mind. Rather than trying to seal the deal, the right company would prefer to spend more time discussing various concept ideas, which ensures you get the most from the experience. You might, for example, have friends who you would like to stay over, in which case, the extension can be designed as self-sufficient, with its own bathroom and kitchen area, or you might like the space to be a study area for the kids.

Think of the Future

If one plans for the future and foresees an additional requirement for living space in the coming years, then building something a little larger is a prudent move, perhaps an extra storey, or extend further into the garden, which could give you the ideal al fresco area, or perhaps an extra bedroom that you don not yet need.

Interior Design Help

By talking to an established builder, one that focuses on extensions, you can reap the benefits of having a professional interior designer at your call, and the living area will be everything you expect, and a little more. The builder should be more focused on the right design than anything else, and only when the client is happy that the design is perfect, should they move on to other aspects of the project.

While that timber decking might look great, never forget that timber needs treatment, and whatever the materials you use in the construction, maintenance is always something to consider. There are composite materials like uPVC, for example, that will endure everything the climate can muster, and it makes sense to incorporate composites whenever possible.

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