How to use a scroll saw?


All cutting jobs require high accuracy. This is also why we find different kinds of saws on the market. For a savvy handyman, the must is to have all the necessary DIY tools available.

Today, we are going to be interested in a DIY tool that mainly interests carpenters and decorators: the scroll saw. This equipment exists in a manual and electrical configuration. In this article, we will focus on the use of the electric fret saw.

So, how to use the scroll saw?

What can be done with a coping saw?

With a coping saw, you can cut out different kinds of patterns, or simply cut out a given material. Often, this equipment is used to make decorative objects, to make various toys, or to make decorative cuts.

You can use the coping saw to cut wood, soft metal, plastic or other synthetic materials. To cut the different kinds of materials, it is necessary to take a specific blade. It is also important to choose the saw blade to be framed according to what you want to achieve with the device.

The last thing, with a scroll saw you can make very precise cuts. Only you must be very skilled in handling the tool. It will be necessary to arrange the saw correctly and to handle the piece to be cut as it is necessary to do a correct work.

Using a scroll saw?

There are different jobs to do with a coping saw. Whatever the type of cut to make, the person working with this tool must, however, master the basic handling. So, here’s what you need to know about the use of scroll saw:

  • Before using the saw, whether professional or not, you must draw the cut-outs on the material to be worked;
  • To make cuts in the center of stroke, you must first make a hole in the path of the line to be able to insert the blade of the saw;
  • Once the blade entrance is pierced, insert the blade into the hole, making sure it is already positioned in the base of the saw base;
  • Wedge the upper tip of the saw into the base and adjust the clamping and start cutting.

When using the coping saw, you must always point the cutting plate with one hand and hold one edge of the plate with your other hand. However, every handyman has his technique to be able to work with more ergonomics. Just be sure to direct the work-piece with your hands to avoid cutting defects. In addition, when you go to buy a scroll saw, make sure it has a built-in vacuum cleaner.

Use the scroll saw to make patterns

To make patterned pieces with a coping saw, first, apply the rules of use listed above.

Here are the types of blades to use for each type of material to work:

  • Smooth saw for wood;
  • Diamond blade for glass;
  • Tungsten carbide blade for plastics;
  • Inverted blades for wood and plywood to prevent burrs;
  • Blade for metals for all kinds of metal.

Once the necessary tools are in place, make sure to follow the cutting lines during the work. To avoid cutting errors on the corners, do not hesitate to remove and reposition the blade.

Cut out patterns with a coping saw

To cut patterns in a given piece, you do not need to drill a hole in the saw’s place of passage as it involves removing the important pieces from the plate to be worked. So, you simply have to draw your cut-out pattern by putting it on the edge of the cutting board. Now all you have left to do is sawing, starting with the edge of the plate. To cut larger pieces, you may want to consider buying a cheap band saw.

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