How To Spot Toronto Moving Scams?


Moving is a tough ordeal as it is. It demands careful planning, preparation and a lot of time. Unfortunately, there are things which can make even this already difficult task even harder. Some moving companies might try to trick you, steal your things or make you pay extra for your relocation. Luckily, there are ways you can spot Toronto moving scams and save yourself a lot of money and trouble. In order to prevent fraudulent movers from taking advantage of you, just follow our advice!

Spot Toronto moving scams before it’s too late!

The most important thing you’ll need to do when you’re hiring a moving company is to research it well. Get as much data on your movers as you can! First, you should get a pool of at least five potential moving companies. Next, look at their references! Not many scamming companies have good references. Look online for reviews of the companies moving services. These should also tell you a lot about how the company does business. Finally, you should call the company. See if anyone answers and whether they’re polite or not. Usually, fraudulent movers will not be as polite as someone running a regular business.

Visit their offices

After you’ve done your research, you’ll probably be left with one or two companies. In order to spot Toronto moving scams, you’ll need to visit their offices. Why is visiting offices important? Well, no all fraudulent movers have offices, and if they do, they don’t look like a moving company. Since they are primarily con men, they’ll keep their office adaptable. This way they can change it to another “business” front easily. So, in order to fight this, you should go to their address unannounced.

Once you get there, check out the office. See if anything seems strange or out of place. Apart from this, you’ll need to talk to some employees there. It’s always good to talk to as many people as possible, but you should still ask to speak to the manager. Once you get a good idea of what they are, you can feel free to hire them or to choose another company.

Ask help from people you trust

Another way to spot Toronto moving scams is to ask people you can trust for a recommendation. Ask your friends about good movers they used in the past. Not only will this prevent you from getting scammed but you might also get a discount for being referred to them. After you check out more than one moving company, hire the most one offering just the services you need. Hiring reliable movers will help you avoid many complications on the moving day.

Apart from this, you should use your friends as scouts for potential scams. While you’re checking out one moving company, they can go to another. This way you’ll have your job done in no time. Furthermore, you may decide to go to check out companies with your friends as back up. Two level heads are better than one, and you may spot Toronto moving scams faster.

Get an estimate and potential additional charges

One of the best ways to spot Toronto moving scams is to ask a lot of questions. This way you can spot a lie and opt for different movers. Or, if your movers are true to their word, you can hire them. Asking the right questions is critical though:

  • Ask about the estimate – each moving company should provide you with an estimate of the moving costs. There is a binding estimate and a non-binding estimate. The binding one should be written on paper and your final moving costs should not exceed it by more than 10%. You can spot Toronto moving scams if the price is more than 30% higher than the written estimate.
  • Ask about potential additional costs – one of the favorite tricks of scammers is to charge you more once you’ve already started moving. They will add this cost or the other at exactly the wrong time. It could be even worse if they already have all your stuff. Then they can hold your items for ransom. So, make sure you have ALL your moving costs written and in your contract!

Don’t sign any blank contracts

Finally, once you strike a deal with your movers, don’t sign any blank contracts. Some fraudulent movers may ask you to sign right away in order to “save time”. They’ll claim they’ll print it later. Don’t fall for it! Sign only what you agreed on, nothing more and nothing less.

Also, read the contract very carefully! Check everything is the way you agreed. If you feel that something is odd, or you’re not sure about your ability to decide whether the contract is good, feel free to contact your lawyer. Only fraudulent movers will have a problem with your lawyer taking a look at the contract! Regular movers will even encourage you to do it, and get back to them once you’ve consulted whomever you wanted.

DIY…or not?

Moving without any help might sound as the safest way to relocate home. However, this is risky since you can end up damaging all your belongings. Besides, if you need to move a long way, moving by yourself is twice as hard. Imagine moving from Toronto to Montreal, driving a moving truck, packed with your entire home across the country. A lot of kilometers where something could go wrong, a no one experienced to help you with it does. Hiring a reliable moving company might save you valuable time and money. If you’re moving locally or long distance in Canada, it’s always safer to let professionals help you with Montreal move. Experienced movers know the best way to prevent brakeage and loss of the moving boxes. Don’t risk one uncertainty for the next! Check out if you can spot Toronto moving scams before you hire the movers.

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