How to revamp your bedroom with doona covers, furniture and curtains in a dime?

Doona Covers

There comes a time in our lives when we are tight on money and we want to do many things that require a lot of bucks. It is part of life and everybody goes through this phase once in their journey of existence in this world. However, those human beings are the most successful who can lift up their spirits in times of despair and make most of what’s available to them.

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We think that our options are limited, but it’s just about changing perspective. For instance, if you want to change the look and feel of your bedroom and you are not doing it because you don’t have the budget then the good news is you can change your bedroom without spending a dime.
Let us tell you how;

Dig in your storeroom for Doona Covers

Did you know colors and fabric are the major factor is shaping the look and feel of your room? So by changing your doona covers, you can alter a lot in your bedroom.

All you have to do is dig in your closet and fetch stored doona covers or you may ask your best friend to lend you their spare doona covers for some time.

The goal should be to go for the doona covers that are totally different in color and texture than what you usually use in your bedroom. Even the design of doona covers should vary from the ones you have been using so far.

The bed is the center of attention literally as it placed in the center of the room and if you can entirely change it then you are half way there to reshaping your bedroom.

doona covers

Change the furniture

We know what you are thinking, how could somebody change the entire furniture when s/he is going through a rough patch in life. Well, guess what, we are not asking you to replace the furniture rather we want you to relocate it.

Change the place of your bed, dressing table, book shelf, rocking chair and whatever piece of furniture you have in your room.

It is human nature to get bored of things we witness every day and the simplest way to bring some life and energy in your usual routine is by shaking up things a little bit.

However, make sure that your furniture looks good in its new place and still leaves your room spacious enough. The purpose of this exercise is to change the look of your room in a better way, not make it ridiculous or messier.

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So what if you can’t change the wall paint, you can change the curtains:

Of course, we don’t store spare paint in our homes so it cannot be changed unless we spend some money and buy it. However, the curtains are matching the walls or are in contrast with the wall paint most of the times. So just do the opposite of what’s already done – if the curtains are matching, go for contrast and if the curtains are contrasting, go for matching.

However, with curtains the options are unlimited.

Option # 1: Swap the curtains from some other room of your house with the bedroom. There is a chance that you can find the contrast within your house. But if you don’t, it is ok – we have other options.

Option # 2: Remember you asked for your best friend’s help for doona covers. Do that again for curtains. Offer them the curtains of your bedroom and ask for theirs. For this, you only need to be attentive towards the interior decoration of your best friend’s house.

Finally, doona covers, curtains, and furniture are just the examples. There are so many other things you can do to change your bedroom entirely without spending a single penny. Always remember, you just need to be open to possibilities and opportunities.